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Failure of AIDS Gel Sends Scientists Back To Drawing Board


International centers of science publicly clamored over an announcement made by Endo Pharmaceuticals after the American drug giant told the world of a pioneering gel of their creation that was designed to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS through normal application and use.

On a world stage looking for any form of scientific breakthrough to battle the often fatal juggernaut that is AIDS, any glimmer of hope is just as good as the next; in this case, the next would do best to come sooner than later because the gel is nothing more than a over-hyped bust.

Clinical trials of over 9,000 women found sounded the proverbial death knoll for the vaginal microbicide, with none of the subjects exhibiting any resistance to any AIDS/HIV viral strain.

Nearly 33.4 million people were recorded as having HIV in 2008; that same year saw 2 million people of AIDS complications.

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