Mendeecees Harris Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Trafficking Charges, Faces 20 Years [VIDEO]

mendeecees  Mendeecees Harris is claiming to be not guilty of charges that he trafficked millions of ...

 Mendeecees Harris is claiming to be not guilty of charges that he trafficked millions of dollars in drugs. The Love & Hip Hop New York star appeared in court Friday (March 8) to enter his plea, and could be facing a mandatory 20-year-sentence for federal drug conspiracy, if convicted.

Harris, 33, showed up to the federal court in Rochester, N.Y., handcuffed and wearing a green prison jumpsuit. The stiff sentence may be handed down to the reality star given a previous drug conviction in Maryland.

During the hearing, U.S Magistrate Judge Jonathon Feldman announced that he would request Harris be denied bail. However, his lawyer, Donald Thompson, was set to ask for a bail hearing. A court conference to handle the matter has been scheduled for tomorrow.

Prosecutors accuse Harris, and two cohorts, Ronald Walker, and Tyrus Harris— the latter of which is brother to the father of two—of traffickingg $2.5 million worth of coke and heroin from 2005 through last summer. In August 2012, the feds seized more than $1.5 million in cash from a safety deposit box found in a house believed to be connected to the crime, plus thousands of dollars in jewelry and watches.

Walker and Tyrus have both pleaded not guilty.

Harris surrendered to authorities in late January. His most recent legal troubles come on the heels of a not guilty conviction on allegations that he s-xually abused a teenager.

His girlfriend,Yandy Smith, stood by his side throughout the abuse trial, releasing a statement after he was absolved of wrongdoing.


Photo: Tina Yee

  • Ms. Lee

    ***** JUST GOT REAL!

  • MsCreative1

    Wow! Got hella real!

  • brenda

    Why they got our black men looking like animals?!

    • yomama

      They got themselves looking like that. Dude could be home chilling right now but instead his dumb a s s wanted to sell 2.5 mil worth of *****e

      • Belinda Ward

        which he most likey got it from the white man or the white man was behind it ,believe it's always a white man behind the drugs

      • yomama

        and it's always a black man in front with the drugs. Who's the smart one?

  • brenda

    They need to start arresting some of them wall street crooks and not the little man trying to feed they're families!

    • yomama

      2.5 million is considered "the little man?" Ok dumb b i tch. What you really meant to say was, "Let's arrest some white people because we arrest too many black people." Well why don't we arrest people that commit crimes, whatever race they may be?

      • pebblebeach

        yeah, but the fool did not have to traffic the darn drugs...lock up the dumb fool..

      • brenda

        You always got something retarded to say! N Yes 2.5 is the little man compared to billions of dollars belonging to the economy! check your facts!

      • Brittany Lee

        I'm surprise a white man or whatever you are..which I really don't give a *****..took it to the race card....Though I still feel that they should start arresting wall street crooks and "little man crooks" they're all crooks as I see it..White black latin asian..pretty much all races have crooks in arrest them all.

    • rnsone

      So your reasoning is selling drugs is ok as long as your feeding your family? Drugs wreak havoc on communities (almost entirely minority ones) and destroy families.He made the wrong decision for which his family will pay.As far as bankers, yes they are the real gangsters raping our economy and deserve to be arrested.But they're in the same category as him. Bankers are destroying are monetary system as he is destroying his community. No sympathy for him, his fam-yes! Pariahs get no love or excuses from me.


    it's like you are left

  • JMO

    I wonder if he's truly guilty? And if he is guilty of DRUG TRAFFICKING and drug trafficking only, then he doesn't deserve 20 years, period. I don't feel someone like him should get 20 years but the cops and feds who are also pushin' the sh*t get nothing. It's not right.

  • :(

    I don't like that pic. :( I'm just thinking about little A m i r.

  • js

    The drug game is tempting, the money is tempting, but that time in jail isn't. It's not right but so many do it (of every race, age and gender). You just gotta know when to get out and if you don't, get ready to do some time if you get caught. You play you pay. 20 years is excessive though.

  • BOSSK3

    At least he not snitchn he takn it like a real 1

  • PAT


  • Opinionated

    Over a 7 yr. time spam (from 2005 through 2012), 2.5 mil dollars was all they trafficked???? The Feds should be on trial for 20 yrs! That makes no sense and I'm from Chicago where I know better. If they were really trafficking, they should have made 2.5 mil in a month off of heroin alone! This guy is into real estate, he is a producer with a music studio, his chick (Yandy Smith) got loot and he is a t.v reality star... I think the Feds were bored and needed someone to pick on.

  • Koko Crump

    dang that's messed up but its life you do the crime u do the time that man know's what he did thats y he aint sayin to much i looked his name up in federal prison he is still n jail no relese date and they wnt let you know where he is being held but he is bein held for DRUG TRAFFIC. him his father and brother over 2.5 million dollars in drugs them ppl aint just holding him I hate to see blk ppl mess it up for them selves... OH WELL YANDY MOVE ON HE'S GONE... I KNO YOU LOVE HIM BUT LOVE HURTS SOMETIME.

  • janedoe

    What exactly is a non-guilty conviction? I know what the writer meant to say but this writing needs to be stepped up.

  • Tan

    Where is his jacket? They have on jackets! Where is his?

  • holly wood

    there is not a drug in this country that the US dont know about they bring it in

  • holly wood

    they make money two ways selling it to the dealers then they lock the dealers up in make money boff them in jail its a win win in if u get close to stopping it they kill u....... do u know u can invest in the prison system..... AMERICA IS NOT A COUNTRY ITS A BUSINESS SOON AS YOU ALL LEARN THAT U WILL BE ALRIGHT THINGS WONT AFFECT U SO MUCH

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