Kanye West – The Prerequisite (Unreleased Demos) [DOWNLOAD]

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diary_kanye_west10 In the past week, the Internets received a surprise in the form of new tracks ...

In the past week, the Internets received a surprise in the form of new tracks by Kanye West, sort of. Thank a contributor from the KanyeToThe forums for providing a compilation of tunes by the G.O.O.D. Music general that pre-dates his College Dropout days.

The first leaks were demos of songs like "Jesus Walks" and "All Falls Down" that would later go on the define the Chicago MC's career. More unheard records have since unearthed and have been compiled into a 15-song mixtape affectionally coined The Prerequisite.

Die hard Yeezy fans have probably heard a few of these tracks, many of which have been circulating the information highway for years. "Home (Windy)," featuring John Legend in particular happens to be favorite around these parts, and it's actually the original version of Graduation track "Homecoming." Other recognizable cuts like "Hey Mama" and "Family Business" also appear on the tape.

See the tracklist and get your daily dose of nostalgia after downloading The Prerequisite below.

1. Home (Windy)
2. Jesus Walks
3. Have It Your Way
4. Out Of Your Mind
5. Wow!
6. Need To Know
7. Gotta Pose
8. Never Letting Go (The Stalker Song)
9. Hey Mama
10. Know The Game
11. Family Business
12. Dream Come True
13. Freestyle
14. Last Freestyle
15. Heartbeat

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West - The Prerequisite


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    Its funny how Elliot of RapRadar always has something trashy to say about emcees on "Blackout" & "The Truth" and can't say a word on Rick Ross' RAPE LYRICS and LOSING REEBOK. If u can't criticise Rozay then leave others.

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