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The Struggle Files: Guy Caught Cheating Pummeled By Chicks With Fists, Belt & Bottle [VIDEO]


When a dude gets caught cheating and is cornered by two women he was allegedly involved with, there are many ways to play it. Unfortunately for son in this video, he ends up getting pummeled by a belt, flying fists and even what looks like a plastic Arizona Ice Tea bottle.

Let’s look at the multiple fails that led to this poor fellow’s fate, shall we?

1. He got caught, obviously.

2. When cornered by two women who seem none too happy with actions, he tried to talk it out. Nah, bruh.

3. From jump, the chick in the red clearly has a belt in her hand. That should have been your first hint she had no intentions of working this out rationally, b.

4. Dude had a bag over his shoulerd like he was set to leave, then put it down. Shoulda kept moving buddy. A full on sprint for the door would have been totally understandable.

5. When shorty in the red asked, “You f-cked her two days ago?,” he is heard saying “Yeah.” Fam, plead the fifth. Hell, play dumb. Nevertheless, he should have referred back to No. 4.

6. After catching numerous blows to the dome (the belt was promptly tossed in favor of fists), son says “Hold up…my eye.” To which shorty in the pink responds in kind with, “F-ck your eye, ni–a.” Dude’s only feasible play at this point was to make a run for it while they were distracted. He did not.

7. We must point out that the girl in the pink top who swung the Arizona bottle (it’s plastic, not that it matters) caught homeboy flush to the head. However, the second swing actually looks like it caught her fellow fighter in the red. It doesn’t appear like girl in the pink really minded, just saying.

8. Son really should have gotten thee f-ck outta Dodge when he saw whoever it is laughing hysterically was taping this entire incident on their phone. It’s 2013, not getting Woldstarred is a way of life.

9. Homeboy gets props for not laying hands on these out of pocket girls (women don’t hit guys out of scorn, sorry). However, getting your @ss whipped on camera is lame.

Watch the video below. The struggle is very, very real.

Photo: YouTube

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    Just WOW!!! SMH….