Bangin Candy: The Ridiculously Thick Briana Bette [PHOTOS]

Bangin Candy

1a0c132c1b4011e39a0222000ae91425_7 So nice we had to feature her twice it the mantra for our latest Bangin ...

So nice we had to feature her twice it the mantra for our latest Bangin Candy. Allow us to reintroduce you the absolutely stunning Briana Bette.

This isn't the first time you've seen Bette on this site, and since she'll look like she does for the foreseeable future, it probably won't be the last. Seconds after laying eyes on this 5'8'' stallion, it's apparent that she could have only been made in the south — Houston, Tex. to be exact.

If you frequent Instagram, you may have seen Bette promoting her Fit Butt Curvy clothing. But then again, it's easy to miss any product placement due to her all around package of beauty and body.

She's also somehow managed to get thicker.

In any case, get acquainted with Ms. Briana Bette in the gallery of photos on the following pages. You won't be disappointed.


Photo: Instagram, Dynasty Series, Frank D.

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  • akwgreenzbk

    Really bossip..."absolutely stunning"??? let me give you the exact definition of stunning...
    remarkable, extraordinary, staggering, incredible, outstanding,amazing, astonishing, marvelous, phenomenal, splendid;

    Yall probably don't even know what those words mean but she is not any of these. This is what I call another typical video chick. Next....She has a nice face but anyone with a fata** is just absolutely stunning to yall. baffles me...

    No shade intended just truth.

    • Certified Haterade

      You have no taste

    • big_mars75

      You gotta be a chick, if not, they need to revoke your man card immediately!

  • Guest

    She's gorgeous, i don't care what anyone says. If she was light, she would be demonized for being called "b**nging" and people would say its just because she's light, now that she's .."darkskin" they'll talk about how average she looks. She is clearly above average, with a gorgeous face and distinct shape that people pay to have, you don't see this everyday especially these days, most are not even natural. She has it all and she's mesmerizing.

  • buck

    there is a God somewhere!

  • Eddie Kane Jr.

    There is a God somewhere!

  • nowwhat

    she is badddddd as f*ck

  • Jason Todd

    She is killin the game right now. F--- the haters!

  • Jason Todd thing...since when are we calling women "stallions"??? Do y'all know what that word means??

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Bangin Candy

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