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Mother & Daughter Team Dress Up As “White Trash” At Elementary School [PHOTOS]


Maybe they should restrict this Halloween thing to ages 13 and below because clearly adults don’t know how to act.

First we have White women dressing up in blackface to disrespect Black people and now we have White women dressing up in whiteface to disrespect White people. The color lines begin and end at the highway to hell, people.

Says MyFoxDetroit:

A mother-daughter costume at Huron Park Elementary’s ‘Trunk or Treat’ Thursday night caused some backlash from other parents. The two wore a black sweatshirt, white trash bags and labels reading ‘White Trash.’

“I was a little appalled. To me, how can you dress yourself and your child in a white trash outfit?” asks Roseville parent Nicole Ekmeian.

“Roseville is known for “white trash” and you just don’t do that at a kids function,” says mom Megan Manchenko. “You can’t have weapons; you can’t have blood; you can’t have gory stuff, but racial slurs? Go right ahead!” Manchenko says facetiously.

Oh, the Halloween horror. Flip through the pics and judge for yourself how offensive they really are.

Photo: Fox

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