Reel Talk: Levi Maestro Discusses Setting Trends With The Camera Lens

The Gentleman's Project

Hip-Hop Wired: Going back to Maestro Knows, is your overall goal to capture from a ...

Hip-Hop Wired: Going back to Maestro Knows, is your overall goal to capture from a more universal angle opposed to what you see from your own eyes?

Levi Maestro: Actually I would say the opposite! I like to sort of be a journalist. Thinking back 10-15 years ago; if someone read someone's column in the newspaper, they were simply reading it because they liked the way that person told their story. Not because they had a headline with a “Blake Griffin.” So if I can get people to do that with my videos, I might only have a fraction [of views] of what some YouTubber has but my brand means way more because people understand that it's so unique. I like that.

When I first did the video with Kevin Love, he had just broken the Timberwolves' rookie double-double record. I think we only made one mention of it in the video and there was a ticket that he had signed and that was that. Everything else in the video was much more specific to him.


Hip-Hop Wired: What drives you musically when you work?

Levi Maestro: I'm always listening to stuff that's not new. Solange's last album [True] is in my rotation. There's also a lot of electro and new wave that I favor. But I do like Drake's Nothing Was the Same. I like "Too Much" and the single, "Hold On, We're Going Home." I really like the break to "Furthest Thing" as well. Even though I think his actions are contradictory to his music, I'm not going to take away from the art.

We all have our little moments, though. People can say the same thing about me. I don't always act the same around everybody either.

This defines the core to the workings of a gentleman. The pursuit of perfection is a liability to one's craft. When you use your intuition, great things can happen.

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