Black Man Leads Pro-Confederate Crowd In Racist "Dixie" Song

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  • bigdawgman

    Damn, damn, damn!!! Maybe they ought to bring back slavery in that town and let ole boy pick cotton. Bet his behind won't be whistling "Dixie" no damn more!

  • Dre

    Uncle Ruckus, is that you??

  • Nancy Ellis

    How much is he getting paid or is he that damn stupid?

  • Nancy Ellis

    After watching the video, I know he needs help He is really sick.



  • Taz

    What a biased article. The people who think this intelligent man is sick or stupid simply because they don't agree with him are the ones who need help. Whether or not I agree with Mr. Edgerton's position about the flag or the song, I suspect he is far more educated about the civil war than any of us reading here. I include myself because I'm not a reenactor or a student of the war and I know very little. There is more disrespect to humanity in many rap lyrics than there is in the Dixie song. I'd suggest trying to learn that simply disgreeing with someone does not make them stupid.

  • Glenn Green

    H.K. Edgerton is filled with the Holy Spirit he only tells the Truth!!!!!!!!

  • The Shadow

    There should be union monuments in the South when there are monuments to the *****s in Israel.

  • Ron

    You do know that Dixie was Abraham Lincoln's favorite song. He had it played in Richmond, VA while he was there touring the ruins right after the Union took control. So I guess of Abe was a racist, which in todays world he most *****uredly was if you were to read what he said and wrote. Instead of what the PC teaches today. And I have met H.K. on several occasions. I *****ure you he is much smarter than most who post here. He wants his reparations from the African tribe that sold his ancestors in Africa into slavery , where it originally started. But that is much too much factual history being said in todays tolerant pick and choose history learned nowadays... y'all.

    • Nancy Ellis

      The truth is that slavery was the backbone of the southern economy. There is definitely proof that he does not understand what the confederate flag represents to the descendants of the enslaved population. The majority of slaves were not brought but stolen from Africa. It is interesting how there is an attempt to rewrite history and to whitewash the brutal, inhumane system of slavery in this country. I stand by my initial l *****essment of this man. I doubt seriously if he is more educated than me.

      • The Shadow

        The majority of slaves were sold by their own people to Europeans.

      • Ron

        Truth most African slaves were captured by Africans and brought to the coast to be sold into slavery. Africans sold by Africans, to Arabs and Europeans. Not that it excuses anyone but they were hunted, caught and sold by other Africans. The white man did not go into Africa back in those days if he wanted to live. Plus, I would put Mr. Edgerton's knowledge up against most of anyone. Like he says, he wants his gold back from the kings and such who trapped his ancestors and sold them into slavery.

  • Ervin

    That man is a damn traitor to his own race

  • Schuyler King

    Hey! It's the internet age. Do a couple of minutes of research before putting "hate labels" on something!

    Although known as a Southern anthem, "Dixie's Land" was written for the minstrel stage by Ohio-born Daniel Decatur Emmett in New York City. The song was so popular in the South that it became generally accepted as the rallying song of the Confederacy.

    Abraham Lincoln loved the song since he first heard it at a show by the Rumsey and Newcomb Minstrels in Chicago in 1860. According to a fellow attorney who attended the show with him, after "Dixie's Land" was played, Lincoln clapped and shouted "Let's have it again! Let's have it again!"

    With the end to the Civil War, which had lasted four years, seemingly in sight, President Lincoln gave his Second Inaugural Address on March 4, 1865. He proclaimed, "With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds."

    With that idea in mind, on April 8, 1865, the day before Confederate commander Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General-in-Chief Ulysses S. Grant, LINCOLN requested that a military band on board the River Queen play Dixie's Land , the song to which nearly all of the Southern attacks had been conducted. According to a French writer who accompanied him, Lincoln said, "That tune is now Federal property and it is good to show the rebels that, with us in power, they will be free to hear it again."

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