Certified Fresh: Problem - First The West, Next The World

Hip-Hop Wired: Do you feel like you have a responsibility to be a torchbearer to ...


Hip-Hop Wired: Do you feel like you have a responsibility to be a torchbearer to make "West Coast" music right now?

Problem: Nope! Not at all. I do what I want to do. There's no rules. [We] making the rules right now. It just so happens that I enjoy making that style of music. I'm not pigeonholed or boxed in musically. Diamond Lane lets me do what I want musically so I take full advantage.

Hip-Hop Wired: There is a noticeable resurgence going on in the West Coast right now. Do you feel like you're a key part of that conglomerate right now?

Problem: Hell no! I'm with Diamond Lane. I'm with Bad Lucc and Casha. I f**k with TDE and HBK. Period. I'm not the same as everybody else. I'm not dissing them or anything; there's obviously a lot of successful ones right now. I'm not in for a unity--I'm in for respect. As long as everyone respects everyone, it's cool with me.

Hip-Hop Wired: So whether you're grouped in or considered to be on your own, you and Diamond Lane are on the move right now. When was that moment that you realized that you had made exactly?

Problem: You know honestly...I don't think I reached that moment yet. There's some lofty goals around here. Listen to this: I just had a big show the other day; a great moment for me personally. Jamming week; the first project we officially are selling dropped; lot of praise for it. I'm on MTV and BET; I'm thankful. And then...I run into someone who works with Justin Timberlake. And I get handed the fade when I realize the depth the success can go [Laughs].

Not taking away from anything we're doing but this guy gets paid a million dollars a night for shows. He has Bank of America paying for his staff. He's sold out until August 2014. He's booked until the middle of 2015. You get what I'm saying? It's a lot to do! The goals we have around here is to be so huge. We're trying to bring back the time period of music when it was lucrative. And the music business was better to where Bad Boy, Cash Money, Ruff Ryders, etc. were getting what they deserved. That's the goal.

Hip-Hop Wired: Fair enough. That being said. Are you never going to put out a free project?

Problem: That's not up to me. Personally I don't mind either way. That being said...it's all about making people respect your brand. If Balenciaga gave out their shoes every week, would you want a pair? Hell no, you wouldn't. After while, the 15th time would have a rolled around and you would be like, 'I ain't going up there!' So it's the same with music.

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