Chicago Rapper Hired Friends To Kill Mother For Insurance Money [PHOTOS]



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  • Jackk

    Cold hearted *****...

  • ikeya ross

    and he is STUNTING on that Life insurance money OK!

  • Poet Shay Butter

    Wow how could you kill your mother???

  • Sydnee

    the sad thing is i grew up with this family and would always go play with Yolonda's son. she was the best mother to him and he always got everything and i can't believe he did this for money! this breaks my heart and the fact that he was at the funeral and acting a fool makes it worse.

    • Lyndia

      I was at the funeral too. He was dressed strange to be at HIS MOTHER'S wake and funeral and he was hugging and telling other people not to cry. That seemed strange to me. As nice as his mother was to him, they should have been taking old boy out in a stretcher and treated him for shock, but no that was not the case BECAUSE he knew that he was going to get his hands on HER money. I know that he never really knew his father but since he is getting ready to join him, they can have a relationship now.

  • Mr Patrick Henry Mall

    Yo this dude is so lame. I would not harm my mother for no amount of money.

  • Robert Green

    Just when you think you heard it all smh ...he killed the one and true person that really cared about him. ..the weird thing about it all is .the money was his anyway to begin. With

  • ☮ Freethinker ☥


  • ☮ Freethinker ☥

    This ish got me fd up. your own mother?????

  • Lyndia

    He is going to have a hard row to hoe in prison. This is clearly another example of giving your child to much. He was a rotten sob.

  • Doll

    This diabolical heartless wicked spirit suffers from a wretched case of "affluenza"

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