Jim Jones' Fiancée Chrissy Lampkin Arrested For Hospitalizing A Woman



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  • Yvonne

    That gal probably deserved it...the club scene is so disrespectful these days...that gal must of came at Chrissy and Chrissy ain't got time for that...

  • sparky086

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  • Lioness

    Why is a 40+ woman in the club fighting??? Over a seat??? She is an embarr*****ment to herself. No education, no cl*****, and clearly no self control (or esteem). Beauty fades but ugly is deep.


    Chrissy aint no joke

  • Shakorah’ Nurell

    What is it called when you are trying to come out with a clothing line and you rent out a *****e to work at like Chrissy and Mr Jones did for their VampLife & LadyVamp line? Is it called a showroom? I know its like a stock room but at the sametime its kinda like where they do all the work and it looked as if it was in a basement. What is it called? Someone email me @ shakorahnurell.21@gmail.com

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