LeBron James' Mother Marrying Struggle Rapper


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  • chocolatecitycom

    If she was a man...you wouldn't care about age. Hypocrites.

  • Jayroc

    Damn, how you going to marry a woman and you got HER son's shoes on your feet that she brought?!

  • ThenC

    If she was a man, oh my God, watch out Thailand.

  • SnowStormsinDetroit

    She destroys Lebrons ability to talk trash on or off court. Bc all you gotta do is say "yea whatever Lebron.. That's why I went to best buy to get yo daddy's new CD- but they said they NEVER HEARD OF HIM!!!!

  • Jimbean2much

    I'm a struggling rapper. Phk this bulls*t propaganda media.

  • mrbluesays

    black women are crazy under fake straight hair doos

  • Starlifter

    The country is falling apart and going to hell but hey, Labron is have a good time!......Who TF cares??

  • NA NA

    My black folk stay full of surprises, laughs and SMHs!

    • Hipking23


  • joel

    These hoodrats make me thankful I was raised with 2 parents in the house and had a mother who was raised with both parents.
    Once they get the hood in them their children are doomed

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