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Beyoncé Gave Jay-Z A $5 Million Watch For His Birthday [PHOTOS]


What do you get the guy who has everything? If you’re Beyoncé, and Jay-Z is your husband, then you get him a $5 million watch.

In honor of his born day last week, Bey gifted her better half with a Hublot “Big Bang” timepiece.

Hublot is famous for its luxury watches, but the hefty price tag is due in part to the  amenities. The watch boasts 1,282 diamonds, over 100 carats of baguette diamonds, six square emerald cut stones, while the enclosure is made of 18K white gold with an engraved Hublot seal. “Beyoncé will always buy Jay the best gifts money can buy. Money is no object to her,” said a source.

“She knew he would love the Hublot ‘Big Bang’ watch. It’s the ultimate timepiece, a mixture of extravagance, luxury and bling. Jay-Z is a huge watch collector and was very excited when he was given the gift. He can’t wait to start flashing it around. It is absolutely stunning.”

This isn’t the first time that the superstar has been generous in the gift giving department. After the January birth of their first child, Blue Ivy Carter, she allegedly gave Jay a sapphire ring worth nearly a million dollars.

Click below to see Jay’s birthday present.

Photos: Hublot/The Hot Zone

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  • With what is going on in NY & NJ she should be ashame of herself. Why not donate that money to help Sandy victims.


    • MyaB

      shut up Carol you are such a hater! Next time you blog do your home work! Both Beyonce and Jay Z donate on a regular basis including that of the Sandy victims fondation!

      • you gueesedit

        Beyonce giving $100 million means less than if I flipped a quarter. She is worth $ 300 million. You don’t get that rich really helping others.

      • Hillaryscott

        Is he taking it with him to the grave? No! How useful is a watch to be worth 5 mil when people are starving? Hope they enjoying showing it off to friends.

      • BAGGY Boy

        so you are the one who voted carol down? 😀

    • you gueesedit

      Amen to that. No wonder the repugs want to extend the tax cut for the rich and famous. The reason poor people stay poor is, they don’t mind sharing whatever littlethey have with those who have less.

      • Al

        That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard… You’re not in the middle class bc you shared ALL your wealth. Admit it they are much more successful than you in business… That’s why they have more money. And the top percent DO pay more taxes than you. Both overall and a higher percentage. Stop complaining and earn more of you want more!

      • DfhfDiffer

        Sooner or later we all take our watches to the grave.

  • Phildren

    This advertisement is clearly a Hublot PR move. Nothing to see here.

  • me

    A 5 million dollar watch n a 50 million dollar plane wow ppl cant pay there bills or find work to feed there familys but they love ny then help ppl there makes me sick she’s fake just like she did’nt give birth to blue

  • L. Diener

    She should be ashamed of herself. I’m totally disgusted by her decision to purchase such an extravigant gift when Americans are starving and homeless. She could have donated that money in her husband’s name. Shame on her.

  • chelsie

    So selfish. That money could build and fund orphanages in africa. But no, jay z just has a new watch. Awesome.

  • snailgirl666

    With a watch.that expensive.. you should be able to travel through time.. people make me sick

  • Al

    Stop telling people what they should do with their own money! It’s not fair they are rich make them give up their money!!! Where the hell did Anerica go?? Nobody owes you anything and if they earn “THEIR MONEY” let them spend it the way they want! You can complain and say its not fair but they don’t have that money bc someone gave it to them! Become the next music mogul and then you can give all your money away. This is a terrible trend of thinking. They do give money away to charities… But don’t complain about other people’s wealth that they earned!

    • Fredsg

      They should count their blessings and perhaps next time half of their luxurious spendings toward good a cause!

    • bling bling is bull___t

      next time you can’t pay your rent mortgage or car payment, ask your two selfish non talented bling bling a holes to pay it for you

  • jam1ng

    I see that CNN is infested with haters. Instead of all of you buying these gadgets to read about Bey and Jay on CNN why don’t u donate all your money to charity? I bet most of you stand in line for the latest stuff or better yet…preorder! Y’all make me sick!

  • D

    How is that watch $5 million?

  • mc

    She could match the 5 million with a donation to st judes children’s hospital where 5 million could help save many children’s lives.

  • Deanna

    They only give $ away for a tax break.That is ridiculous to spend 5 million on a freakin watch!! Stupid people.

  • Sounds like a FABULOUS GIFT TO ME!!! *
    Represent for YOUR MAN! $$$$ is NO OBJECT❤
    *haters shut up!

    • Celtic_Spaniard

      Stop trying to act cool…

      • korn

        Wat a fukin Trina tunnels holloman

  • 5FDP

    What a waste of money. Only a fool with so much money would waste it on something so meaningless.

  • 5FDP

    Only a f¤¤l would waste money on meaningless things.

  • 5FDP

    You keep deleting my comment about only a f00l would waste their money on something some meaningless. I’m guessing a white person’s opinion is not welcome on the hip hop world. And they say white people are racist.

  • Basketball123

    Love how jealous you all are. Being in the upper-class I can say I wont ever do that but let them spend there money they want. And donating? Half that money goes to the government so they can bail themselves out of the crisis they created.

    • Lol

      Lol whatever. You ain’t in no upper-class. If we don’t know about you. You are a nobody!!!! Stop trying to live your fantasy online. What a FAKE. Basketball123 even your name is wack!

  • mike

    Gross, rich or not whether you pay a lot of taxes or not… this is disgusting. People spend money on stupid crap far too often and when they file for bankruptcy people will blame the government for that.

  • Tyler Erwin

    Wake up America!!! It doesn’t matter what they do with their money. If they want to spend it like that, so what. Most people who say “Share the wealth” or “Tax the rich” are lazy beggers trying to live off other peoples’ HARD EARNED MONEY. Instead of trying to decide what they should do with their money, go get a job and make your own money. I am not a Jay Z fan… I am not rich… I am sick of lazy bums wanting to live off of other people or government hand outs. Instead of waiting for the government to tax rich people and give you a hand out, go get a job and work for these rich people. Then you might understand why hard working Americans get upset with all of the free loaders. Life is full of ups and downs, but you choose your own paths. Make good decisions and make something of yourself. Hard work, smart decisions, and a little bit of EFFORT can get anyone a long way. Try not to have too much pride. Some people think they are too good for certain jobs, and that’s what is killing this country. On behalf of all hard workers in this country, I say “Wake Up America!!!”

    • Caroline21

      I couldn’t have said it better myself and you know I have never ever seen a “homeless and hungry, I need a job” sign I just see people asking for “spare change” and the only reason I don’t give money to hobos is because if they really wanted to they could fix up there lives and GET A JOB! I started working at 15 and I had a full time job during the summer, I made a lot of money and spent it on whatever I felt like it ’cause I EARNED it and I WORKED hard for it. someone that works hard for there own money shouldn’t have free loaders telling them what to do with there money!

    • bling bling is bull___t

      no you wake up, its not about panhandlers freeloaders and bums begging for money on the streets, its about what $ 5 mil lion could do for real charity instead of some bling bling watch and a forty million dollar jet, this country is going down the tubes musically and arrogantly with these two poriah’s

  • c man

    u buy a watch that can bring a small town back on its feet from the devastating economy. buying a watch like that doesnt show any humiliation for God. that ugly jay z dude is a creep anyway. its a sick world full of greed

    • bling bling is bull___t

      does he look like joe camel or what?

  • c man

    i would understand if its maybe a watch worth a couple hundred. but noooo you have to spend a fee lifetime incomes worth to buy s single piece of metal to check the time. sick wealthy greedy muthaphkas. beyonce is a biyeatchhhh

  • chad

    I’ll bet when she gives a dollar to the street beggar, she thinks twice about it. Ah, rich liberals! Embarrassing to both of these twits.

  • Bigman1

    Rich no talent hope u both fall off a building

  • richenne

    he’s lucky i cant get to him
    i’ll cut the whole arm off

    • richenne

      and leave your right hand 4 u 2 write raps, thats kind enough

  • Parker

    It shouldn’t be a issue if she wants to spend her hard earned money on him. It’s her money not anyone else’s.

  • Alexandra

    Her wedding ring is also worth $5 million, but when she got that from Jay-z all we could say was “well done!”……. Kind of hypocritical, don’t ya think??

  • Kutulu

    Typical ni@#er

  • blkjesus008

    Nothing wrong with dropping 5 million on an ugly watch for your husband.

  • mike

    She practices until her feet bleeds. She can spend her hard-earned cash however she wants to. I wouldn’t spend that kind of money myself for a watch, but I would for a home if I had $300m.

  • esolesek

    The best this moron can do is enrich a jeweler. Great move there, lip sync wiggie

  • Not really her fault wanted to buy him a nice watch, but why do Hublot even sell watches worth $5 million?

  • reese

    how in the hell u gone tell time on that!!

  • Mguzman

    Wonder if she really paid that kind of money for that watch?????