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Supreme Clientele: 8 Reasons Why Ghostface Killah Is the Star Of VH1’s Couples Therapy [PHOTOS]


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He’s A Hypocrite

Ghost wants to smash other women (because like he said on episode 1: “Women is like, all around the kid”), and he’s been known to enjoy the skills of a stripper (or 50). Yet, one thing he’s not interested is having a girlfriend who actually used to be a stripper because that would be…nasty right? Right.

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  • Legendary Trolly

    Hell yea Ghost made me a fan.

  • bigdawgman

    Dude is too old to be doing this foolishness. Quit playing with that little girl’s feelings and cut her loose. Find a woman who will put up with you having other women and not get caught up in her feelings. Otherwise, there ain’t nothing but pain in your future.

  • Elle

    cant stand him

  • VeryObservant

    His words are simplistic, although misconstrued. Four months is a courtship. Not a relationship. The aggressive tone can be quite intimidating, but to an ‘idealistic’ woman such as Kelsey, the frustrated undertones behind a redundant question can almost seem morally justified. Kelsey just didn’t get it, and neither did the psychologist.