The Blacklist: 20 Accounts You Must Follow On Black Twitter [PHOTOS]


Goinradiodotcom (@Goinradiodotcom) Although his followers tally isn't stacked to the brim like many of our other ...

Goinradiodotcom (@Goinradiodotcom)


Although his followers tally isn't stacked to the brim like many of our other list members, the potency of Goinradiodotcom's account can't be discredited because of it. Serving as a main promotional tool for the podcast, Goinradiodotcom's social commentary on relationships, reality TV and other topics are good times.

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  • Sixty Dram

    you Forgot @NerdAtCoolTable, he Created #BlackTwitter

    • Craig

      I disagree, Joe Budden was the 1st one to start saying black twitter, then it caught on with everybody

  • Craig

    Terrible list by the way, only 6 were legit good follows the rest were ignorance, I saw no black people that make u think all I saw was wanna be comedians. Black people have more to offer than jokes, and being funny isn't what Black twitter represents in the 1st place black twitter is the culmination of black people an their interests and topics at any given moment an shucking an jiving aint it, twitter is more powerful than y'all realize I guess.

    • HHW

      Did you read the story or just look at the names?

      • Craig

        Both. The story doesnt match the names. Read this line>>> Although Black Twitter has attracted some media attention for its ability to roast people for a variety of reasons.

      • HHW

        Followed soon after by "Some of them are known for jokes, others are good for a debate."

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