Grammy Twitter Reactions To Kendrick Lamar Losing To Macklemore [PHOTOS]


Photo: Twitter

Picture 2Photo: Twitter

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  • Maxim Na*****we

    stop posting articles like this for the sake of maximising ad profits, I'm not going to bother clicking though thousands of pages, waste of time.

  • ♫ Flavio Gomes ♫

    Seriously though?? not to ride on Kendrick, he made albums that were well coordinated, but macklemore ?? i only remember him from just 2 singles LOL

  • mille

    Lamar knew he wasn't going to win. The agenda is bigger than Lamar.
    Most Rap artists are in bed with the agenda and they are getting exactly
    what they signed up for. Race is being used as front to divide and
    conquer. The plan is more sinister than most would be willing to
    believe. It is all based upon deception and the m*****es are falling for

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