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Ludacris Tells Child Support Judge He Only Made $55K In 2013


Ludacris’ baby mama struggle has put his financial business on full blast. The Atlanta rapper told a judge that he only made $55,ooo in 2013 and is therefore unable to afford the $15,ooo a month his child’s mother is demanding in child support payments. 

Reports TMZ:

Ludacris was in court Wednesday with his baby mama, Tamika Fuller … who’s demanding Luda pay her $15K a month to take care of his 2-month-old baby daughter, Cai.

But Luda went to court and told the judge … he was counting on “Fast and Furious 7″ money to make his payments, and the movie is now on hold so his payday went away.

Luda claims he can only pay $1,800 a month — confessing he only made around $55K for 2013.

The judge split the baby down the middle, ordering Luda to pay 7K a month for now … while hizzoner reviews all the financial docs.

Just so we’re clear here, Luda was set to cough up $180,ooo for a baby, living in Atlanta. How many diapers and baby sitter does this kid need?

Also, condoms are way cheaper. Just an observation.

Lastly, despite all those platinum albums and a respectable acting career, Ludacris only pulled in $55,000 last year? Either the struggle is real or his accountant is a sorcerer.

Photo: VH1

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  • MrsSan

    Doesnt matter how much he was paid in 2013… It does not take $7k to take care of a baby.

    • Hellooooo

      It’s not about what it takes to raise a child, it’s about that child getting a portion of the father’s income deemed sufficient in respect to what he makes. 7,000 a month is obviously too much for the avg person….but Ludacris isn’t average.

  • Matthew

    This is disgusting, 15k a month 7k a month, once I get straight I’d be damned a baby mama try and get that kinda money out of me for one kid. Kick rocks

    • Matthew

      Its a child not a come up