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Shovel Girl Is A-OK, Somehow [PHOTOS]


Yesterday (May 5), one girl’s pain became the basis of an Internet phenomenon. Yes, we’ve seen this happen in viral videos before — in recent months even — but nothing’s quite been like “Shovel Girl,” whose real named is Miranda.

Friends manned their handy cell phone cameras, as two teenage girls were set to square off over a first world beef. We don’t know what’s worse, the fact that no one stopped the fight or that the first thought was to record it and promptly scream “World Star.”

But we digress, as Shovel Girl, pre-name christening, got the best of her opponent. In a perfect world, the bout would be over and pride aside, everyone would get on with their merry lives, right? Wrong. After losing multiple rounds of fisticuffs on her own property, the teen ordered “Shovel Girl” to leave, only to be disrespected again. Then came the coup de grace, as the sore loser grabbed a shovel with intent to harm.

And that she did, as Shovel Girl’s attempts to flee were futile and earned her a new nickname in the process. As the saying goes, the rest was history and the Internets reacted swiftly. But through all the hoopla and hurt, the teen is actually just fine. See the full clip and the crowning moment in clips provided below. Also, peep a gallery of vids showing Shovel Girl’s current progress and the Internets’ unrelenting jokes after the jump.

[Spotted at Deadspin]

Photo: YouTube

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  • notconvincedgranny

    Lemme get this straight – redhead won the fight, was told to leave, refused to do so, and got shoveled for her trouble. I got no problem with it.

    • erma652

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