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Certified Fresh: Kid Vishis – Going Pound For Pound


Hip-Hop Wired: Why is timing everything?

Kid Vishis: It’s all about the perfect timing to do certain things for me. It’s called Timing is Everything because with the vibe that I got, how I’ve been shaped as an artist, I feel there’s no better time than now. Even with the current tone in Hip-Hop; where Hip-Hop is right now? This is just a great time to bring in a different style of lyrical emceeing to the game. It’s not the same stuff that everybody is doing and there’s a market for that right now and I just want to take advantage of that.

Hip-Hop Wired: When can we expect to see you on tour?

Kid Vishis: You know, it’s funny. Everything is being worked out right now. We got a UK/Canadian tour on schedule for August.

Hip-Hop Wired: Nice. Are you excited?

Kid Vishis: I’m super excited! Like I’ve been so ready for this. It’s going to be something else. When I get on that stage, it’s a whole other type of entertainment.

Hip-Hop Wired: Who in the game today are you listening to?

Kid Vishis: Jon Connor, from Flint, MI. He just signed to Aftermath. He’s a very, very talented artist. I had him on my last mixtape.

Crooked I [laughs] got some little brothers called The Horseshoe Gang. And they’re like phenomenal, lyrically. I really rock with those dudes, heavy. Definitely look them up, they are phenomenal MCs [laughs]. They’re just like Crooked I, four little Crooked Is.

Hip-Hop Wired: Which rappers don’t impress you and why?

Kid Vishis: Aw man. It’s so many of those. I wouldn’t know where to begin. I mean most rappers out right now don’t impress me. The way music is being so [commercially] put out today is what I don’t agree with. I don’t hate on ‘em [mainstream artists], you know? It’s a lot of guys that got success doing that. Hats off to those guys, but lyrically I’m not impressed by too many of them.

Hip-Hop Wired: Is there any particular MC who you do like a lot?

Kid Vishis: I like Kendrick. He presents a different style of lyrical ability from the West coast. I’m super impressed, lyrically. Ab-Soul too.

Hip-Hop Wired: Who do you want to work with, what’s a dream project?

Kid Vishis: Me and Eminem. If I got him on a track, I would want it to be a no holds barred, spazz out type joint, where we don’t really worry about the hook and we just go at it.

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