Cecil Lennox

Freak Watch: 25 Girls Who Want August Alsina To Rip Their Cervix [Photos]


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  • Gia

    Fkn disguisting. Dumb hoes…

    • Brokeandobese

      Congratulations to guys like him and Trey Songs and the pro athletes and rappers who can have any woman they want on the gram and twitter. Most of us need to hit the lottery if we want to experience that level of lust and attention from so many women. She flew herself out but it was worth it since you received a financial settlement from him recently. If this isn’t true its a brilliant marketing strategy by his promotions team. As long as no nudes leak of him looking like a baby carrot down there.

      • Retired Professional Wrestler

        Trey songs gay too lol

      • ThaTruthful1

        No he ain’t.

      • JesusDaFag

        Yea he is…Him and Brandon Hines were fuckin

      • ThaTruthful1

        Lies all lies.

      • JesusDaFag

        how YOU know, huh?

      • ThaTruthful1

        As Nene Leakes would say, “I said what I said and I’m not changing it”.

      • JesusDaFag

        LOL…iight ni66a

  • DRUNK247

    Judging by the pics of these ladies i should be offended on his behalf

  • Retired Professional Wrestler

    These hoes don’t know the difference between want and won’t man.

  • JuJu

    wow just wow

  • charles

    And blk folk wonder why they are the largest AIDS STATISTIC…

  • RockStar

    He’s ugly to me.

    • JesusDaFag

      he as ugly and as seccy as a week old meat loaf

      • marimari

        jesus da fag u ugly

      • JesusDaFag

        It don’t bother me…why YOU mad tho?

    • marimari

      u ugly rock star

  • Jude

    Black ppl are FINISHED!! I have to disassociate myself….I can’t anymore!!! 🙁

    • Guest

      Bye Felicia!

    • incognegro


  • Kris50

    All these young âsś broads don’t know isht about śéx and obviously neither does August. Nothin about having something slammed into your cervix feels good smh

  • ♚A. R.♚(⚔ Adéwalé ⚔ )

    Is Trey Songs on this list lol I don’t know about this cat heard he came on 106 & park acting like he was on his rag!

  • Dreamincolor

    He’s just not attractive to me at all and he absolutely can not sing.

  • GuestwithacapG

    So these dumb broads actually think having a ruptured cervix is a good thing?

  • Skip

    but whomever wrote this article is illiterate

  • incognegro

    In a SeXually intelligent person mind you would naturally assume this young man do not know what the HELL he’s doing!, if your truly well- in-dowd I feel you should know about other positions to put young ladies in without damaging,or breaking Virginias while having RELATIONS,

  • Guest

    He seems like a real cool guy and I like his music…but looks wise he just doesn’t do it for me

  • Blak”Night Sun”Rob

    They lying there all saying the same foolishness stop it.

  • Sade Bubblez Hodges

    Pathetic… Half of them wouldn’t even get his attention. Go find a man who would adore you not some guy who would look right past you.

  • but he has such a kinda high pitch girly voice, like most r&b singers today. what ever happened to the R Kellys, and luthers, and pendegrasses, men who sound like men who let you know whats up and that they are serious about it. all this little boy r&b aint cuttin it. where is the soul? it gone, thats where

    • GuestwithacapG

      I wonder the same thing. Why don’t we have any modern day Eddie Leverts, Barry Whites, Jeffrey Osbornes. Everybody sings falsetto now

  • NYOB

    These chicks are past desperate. Trust me when I tell you that 20 years from now these same chicks will be slowly walking in front of you while you are trying to shop all leaned over their shopping carts, all up in the way. All broke down because they didn’t have sense enough to grab their clothes and run with when they saw that anaconda.

  • J rock

    Clearly a f@gg0t, is responsible for this story. The headline is just trife. Only a female hating queer could come up with that