Marjua Estevez
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8 Things We Learned From Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Episode 1 [Photos]


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New York

Is where it’s at, which is why Diamond is moving. And her family supports her so much, they’re going with her.

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  • LucySkyDiamond

    They could’ve kept this $hit! Only thing good about it was queen of the ring got some tv shine!

  • Really loved watching this show!! Seen it earlier on Oxygen and loved it, my fav are Diamond and Nyemiah. We need another hawt female artist out because Nicki is definitely falling off. Tired of hearing all this boring pop music from her.

  • UMMMMM…..

    Wack as f***…nothing interesting so far although the ladies looked nice!

  • Brittany

    most of their raps sound the same…..WACK!