Latifah Muhammad
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Vamoose: 10 People Slammed For Keeping Quiet On Ferguson [Photos]

Photo: KodakLens Instagram

Photo: KodakLens Instagram

Jay Z

Hovito (and Mrs. Hovito) are currently promoting the ski-mask-friendly criminal facade that goes along with the “On the Run” theme. No time for Ferguson just yet.

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  • Duni1

    Drake should not count. He is Canadian. American issues, American responses. If something were to happen like this in Canada, that’s when I would expect Drake to go out of his way to address it.
    Sorry, but I prefer when the US stays out of other countries problems and vice versa.

  • DRUNK247

    Do we really look up to these ppl for advice?Come on now

    • Beverlytsquare

      YES WE DO! They are part of the Black community too!

      • DRUNK247

        You sound dumb

  • Atira

    Just list every black politician, celebrity, and public figure and check them off as they comment why these ppeople why not all black people in the public eye?

No thanks