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Floyd Mayweather Addresses Reading Slander With Picture Of Checks


Floyd Mayweather has addressed the plethora of slander hurled his way over his reading skills. No, the boxing champ didn’t drop a video of himself reading a book. Instead, he share an images of some hefty checks.

Long story short, this all started when 50 Cent trolled Mayweather with a challenge to read a page of a Harry Potter book. The Charlamagne Tha God shared audio of some struggle-filled Mayweather reading and the ish hit the fan.

So in turn, Money Mayweather has responded by posting an image of a pair of checks that total out to over $72,000,000.

This is where we note that this says absolutely nothing about his reading skills, though.



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  • dielaffn

    He don’t know how to count either…. He just knows it’s a lot of numbers. Get yo mind right Floyd.