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Cold Killings

Unequal Justice: The Murder Of Emmett Till [Photos]


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The Whistle

Till whistled at Carol Bryant, a 21-year-old married store owner as she was going to her car.

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  • Starrr

    JESUS, JESUS, JESUS, I almost can’t believe that this horrific event actually happened, but I know better. It REALLY happened! This beautiful, beautiful, beautiful young 14 yr
    old black boy was tortured and murdered for (ALLEGEDLY) whistling at a white woman.

    Just like the person in the article, I recall being sick at being forced to see his ending. Although my mind longs for and hurts for this kid who died a horrible death, many many years before I was born I say to his mother, “I love AND respect you.”

    The mother of Enmity Til deserves sooo much. She demanded a movement, and she didn’t settle until she got it. Enmity Til did NOT suffer the death he suffered for us, in vain. His death was probably the most pivotal moment during the civil rights movement. No matter how great his legacy though, I wish he was here with us.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    I remember being 7 years old and learning about Emmett Till from the movie Eyes on the Prize… at that age i didnt understand but but Till’s open casket is forever in my mind. Its crazy how in 2014 we still deal with such tragedies that mirror Till’s murder.

    • Starrr

      Credit his mother for his life and his open casket. They tried to tell her to close it and to hide the horror that happened, but she NEVER got weak.

      • Wombat

        The world saw it too and began trashing the US about killing its children.

    • MarilynMinaj

      U are so right momma dee thats what i was sayin like how all these years later we still goin thru the same thing that’s why i respect Ferguson because if we dont riot and protest it a keep bein swept under the rug its not just justice for Mike Brown but for all our lost black ppl and the ones we have not lost and we can save

      • kerry

        if you riot your doing what the gov want you to do, so they can say see look at them, dont know how to change the crap in your country but riotings not the answer, the usa is a virtual dictatorship anyway the men in power wont listen, whole founding is based on a lie, land of the free(unless your a native american,black or female), should of kept the queen she gave my country a thing called human rights

      • sharon brown

        By rioting you are destroying some Blacks have built up and losing jobs. What is on your mind? Send you to Iraq since you like to destroy.

      • treborc1

        So OK what do people do when people are murdered, we tend to march we do not riot the rioting starts once the Government send in the police. Marching is a way in which those without a voice can show the world we are here we are human treat us as such, but most riots tend to be just marches that end up with a line of police armed to the teeth stopping people.

        The rich in my country can use the courts these days, the poor cannot.

  • dielaffn

    This image will forever be burned into my memory. I made sure to show it to my girls and told them the reason why it happened. Seems as though nothing has changed. Same shitt.. different day.

  • shea

    Please do not compare Emmitt Till’s death to Ferguson. Emmit Till was an innocent, intelligent child, not a thug. I knew someone was going to make a comparison.

    • Sade Bubblez Hodges

      it’s not the victims’ character they are comparing but the wrongfulness of their deaths they are comparing. How do you know Mike Brown was a “thug”? The fact that he pose no threat, had no weapon, and his hands were up in the air to signify his surrender was enough to say this “man” killed Mike Brown in cold blood. The sad part is you can’t even see the truth. How frequently this is happening to young black men. Being shot and killed because they are black. Nothing has changed in this world. America looks like a sideshow to the rest of the world. SMH…

      • Alana Smith

        WOW he was stealing?, but gee that makes him an angel and the police officer who was so used to these men being armed a bad cop – wrong person wrong place but that police officer didn’t arm those men or make them steal or make the neighborhood the way it is, it was simply Mike Brown didn’t have a weapon on him at the time but with circumstances that their was a 99% chance he did have because of the crime in the area and the types that carried that made that police officer the wrong man in the wrong place while a theft was taking place

      • igor12

        The part where he was strong arming the store owner was the deciding factor that is was a thug. You deny that he was robbing the guy?

    • Edwin

      How about u do us all a favor and STFU! exactly in ur own words what’s a Thug to u. I try to not bother myself with utter nonsense but I’m pissed. A comparison is real as well as the cause of the world to c how a little place like Ferguson can strike another movement. There r critical issues going on and u can either be with it or against it ur choice.

    • Alana Smith

      Thank you Shea for having the backbone to point out the difference – it seems some people use any kind of happening to justify their means

  • Don’t Swirl

    Every negro who sleeps with white women should hang a pic of his open casket on their bedroom wall, negroes are still dying for the swirl.

  • KTL

    I was going to say this injustice could never happen in today’s america.But guess what it is still happening.It has happened just recently.BLACK PEOPLE stop laying down like helpless sheep,your ancestors did not sacrifice their lives for these things to be happening in 2014.

  • Lindy-Lou

    Race aside – he should not have wolf whistled at the woman. It was objectifying and disrespectful.
    However, in a racially equal society. The woman would have had a word with Emmett’s Mum, next time she saw her, and Emmett would get a bit of a telling off from his Mum.

    THIS is so far away from that scenario, that it almost denies belief that it happened at all. Absolutely incredible. I believe the crime was only compounded in 1956, when having had a confession the District Attorney could have found some minor charge at the very least for these evil men, that had not been included in the original charges – even if it was just something like trespass, abandoning a body, lying under oath, anything at all. Had they really wanted to!

  • WritingBoy

    Why are ppl surprised? That’s to be expected by self-righteous, red-necked, toxic hubris, ‘religious’ boofheads.

  • sharon brown

    Moms did the right thing. She let the world know what had happened to her child and how they tried to cover it up. KUOS!!!!!!!