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Kim Kardashian Wears Lingerie & Fur In French Mag Factice [PHOTOS]


Kim Kardashian dons lingerie and fur in a photo shoot with French magazine Factice. We know, we know. You’re saying, “Why are y’all giving Kim Kardashian shine? This is supposed to be a Hip-Hop site.” True indeed, but she is the girlfriend of one of Hip-Hop music’s, and Pop culture’s, more prominent figures in Kanye West.

Now, we are not going to say that makes her Hip-Hop by default. Hell to the naw.

However, it does mean that a lot of people have no problems looking at the caked out…umm..okay, we don’t know what she really does. But, Kimmy’s cakes are on display, so who are we to deny an appreciator of the fine female form from taking a gander? Take a look at the photos of Kim Kardashian’s spread for Factice (she is also on the cover, photographed by Vijat Mohindra), in the gallery, then be sure to check out plenty of Hip-Hop content on Hip-Hop Wired afterward.

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Photos: Factice, Celebuzz

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  • seveneightyseven

    i love animals, this really makes me a little sad, they skin some animals alive for these coats ya know :'(

  • joy

    lingerie and fur , perfect!

  • total slag

  • Myztic

    Fur coats are for insensitive and superficial people.