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Katt Williams Say Target Employee He Pimp Slapped Called Him The N-Word [VIDEO]


Another day, another Katt Wiliams story, and this time the enigmatic comedian explains one of the infamous moments of his current public meltdown. According to Williams, the Target employee that he pimp slapped called him the N-word.

Katt Williams was performing last night at the Comedy Store in Hollywood when he recounted what went down, TMZ reports. Williams, aka A Pimp Named Slickback, showed the employee, who was fired, the hand of God back on November 25th in Sacramento.Allegedly, the employee told Williams, “Your assistant is already suing you, you pu–y A$$ ni–er.”

TMZ adds:

Katt said he flipped when he heard the slur and asked the employee, “Did you just say the n-word in front of Katt Williams?” — to which the employee answered, “You say it all the time.” 

Katt says he shot back, “Say it again and see what happens” — and that’s when he knocked the guy upside the head.

Katt then compared his racism plight to that of Dave Chappelle, explaining, “That’s the same Shyte that drove [Chappelle] out of the f***ing business.”

Two things worth noting here. The fact that Katt referred to himself in the third person while confronting the Target employee is truly comical. Two, Chappelle did flip out, leave his hit show and dipped to Africa, but he wasn’t leading police on chases and allegedly getting into bar fights beforehand.

Nevertheless, Hip-Hop Wired caught up with Katt Williams at the recent Cali Christmas concert and the comedian said he don’t care what people think of him. “I been arrested 36 times in five years, but I never been in court, you figure it out,” he told HHW. “I don’t care what they say. What they say, they love me so how could I give a f**k what they say otherwise?”

Watch footage of Katt Williams’ pimp slap defense below. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Interesting that he got so offended when the N word was directed towards him, when the last time I watched a comedy special of his I counted him saying it about 60 times. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it I guess.

  • I don’t believe Katt Williams at all. He is a druged out ex street thug who is NOT funny at all. Only a dumbass with no life thinks his stupid humor is funny, its not.

  • vince

    thats what tha employee get lets see how long it takes to take the taste of pimp hand out his mouth

  • complexgina

    i dont believe katt either.shame on you katt williams there are people that really get called that name. you have no reason to hit that kidd. you are just another person that makes a little money and think that thier above the law.

    y isnt he in jail………………… say that you dont care what we think of you well just lost a fan

  • lew

    if he ever slaps a grown man he’ll be nothin but a memory.

  • crakaH8Et

    Racism…..Just another NAZI doing one of the things they like
    to do!!!
    cares about white people. I sure don’t. They are just bitter because they are
    losing this country to the mexicans, blacks and immigrants and their jobs are
    being shipped overseas and they are scheduled to be a minority by 2050 and
    there is NOTHING they can do about it! What’s even more funny is that world war
    3 is around the corner, so whites may actually be a minority by 2030! I love
    the world wars. Nothing better then whites killing whites by the millions