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Katt Williams Calls Jamie Foxx Gay, Says He Was Offered Django Unchained Script [VIDEO]


Katt Williams won’t be going to see Django Unchained when it opens on Christmas Day.

Williams has been skipping tons of comedy shows, but shot off a few jokes during a performance in Los Angeles, which including outing Jamie Foxx as being gay, and criticizing him for playing a gun-wielding slave in the film.

The 39-year-old claimed to have proof of Foxx’s homos-xual endeavors. “I can even tell you the name of the dude he f–ked. His name is Marcus ANthony, he’s the only dude signed to Jamie Foxx’s label. “Dude told me I can bring him on the stage an air it out.”

He also went in on Foxx for even considering the role in the Quentin Tarantino flick. “F–k Jamie Foxx and the Django Unchained check he cashed,” the 39-year-old said. “They offered me the script and I said ‘Any ni–a that do this deserves to die.’ And the next thing I heard, Jamie Foxx was in makeup.”

Foxx hasn’t responded to Williams claims, but for what it’s worth, in telling the story, the troubled comedian was way more coherent than he’s been in recent weeks.

View video of the show below.

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  • unque43

    katt williams is a nobody, why would they offer him anything other than what he does. as far as the movie its a movie

    • It’sMe

      I agree. Why would they put someone like Katt Williams with the likes of heavy movie hitters like Leonardo DiCaprio, or Christoph Waltz? Tarantino goes for big names in his movies. Other than the people who indulge in Black Culture, no one really knows Katt Williams.

      • jaysontee

        Actually, give Quentin credit…you can’t really say he goes for big names when he actually put those names on the map(Jackson, Waltz). He also likes using nostalgic actors as well as giving prominent roles to famous actors whose career is in a bit of a lull at the moment (Travolta in Pulp Fiction, Foxx in Django).

      • CommonSense

        C´mon! Spike put Jackson on the map. Wayans put Foxx on th map. These white guys aren´t making these dudes, these dudes are making these directors.

      • mjbp606

        Did you really just say Jamie Foxx career is in lull? Lol. Not quite. And I don’t think Jackson or anyone else in Pulp Fiction was experiencing a lull. But you are entitled to your opinion as I respectfully disagree.

  • Sandy


  • mr_incognito

    Any black man who relaxes his hair, perpetuates the image of a pimp and refers to another black man as “n*&^%” is just as bad as the script he is attempting to bash. I didn’t hear him mentioning Sam Jackson in his tirade.

    • d.banksj90

      You have a point

  • RozClot212

    katt is a got d@mn jealous crackheaded btch liar…he also said that the script was from steven spielberg…wtf? its from quentin tarantino u got d@mn unfunny troll….aint nobody offered u sht but warrant…pick ya mouth up, loser!

    • Roz: You need some lessons on ‘how to speak’ sound so ignorant it makes us all look bad!

    • d

      U sound dumm aff skr8 up

  • sandra

    i am not going to see that movie either. it makes slavery into a joke

    • KJ23

      He did “Inglorious Basterds” and that didn’t make the Holocaust into a joke, maybe it’s the same thing. Making a fictionalized story, but still respecting the true tragedies that surrounded it.


        BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! KJ23, you’re the biggest comedian of them all! I’ve edited your comment so it now says something that’s actually TRUE…

        “the Holocaust – a fictionalized story”

  • OutHerSpace….

    lmfaoo and if anybody believes he got offered a blockbuster part in a Quentin movie…they are just as nuts as he is….

  • Kreole

    What this movie does is solidifying the image of black people as slaves at a time when there’s a black family in the white house.

    • Know_the_ledge

      What about the image of a black man f-cking white people’s sh-t up? That’s the image I got from it.

  • Rob

    Kat Williams is a jealous, talentless a__hole who likes to slap cashiers. Jamie Foxx is a great talent! The movie is good why try to make everything a political statement. Just like in most cases I’m willing to bet the majority of the ones offended, and trying to make an issue of something are probably in need of a history lesson.

  • Truthispainful

    People love Jamie, and he’s good overall star so people might be hurt knowing the truth, plus it’s not his fault if you look at box office stars and hollyweird there is alot of rich black downlow

  • yagooserious

    Katt is ignorant…I guess he expected Taranatino to depict slavery in a manner not congruent with actual history…and anyone that does is a racist. So…he wants to change history under penalty of being labeled. That’s a dangerous road, my friends.

    • jewsaretheREALproblem

      Well you sir, are an ignoramus! Your comments easily expose your lack of knowledge and ability to make rational critiques. Your edJEWcation has not served you well!

  • thomas

    Wow kat williams would never get offered for a blockbuster movie role! He’s smoking crack! And for him to bash the script but then call him a niggga is just stupid. Kat williams is retarded. I went and seen the movie and enjoyed it. It was sold out and mainly acompanyed by black people and they all laugh as any black with a brain know how it was back then and that slavery was a real thing. Kids learn it in history books and documentaries every day. Kat williams and spike lee are just ignorant haters and need to go back to history class and learn a few things. They’re both dumb ignorant individual people. Its people like this that ashames me of the black race to act this ignorant. Its like some of us still try to segregate themselves from others when our ancestors in the 40s and 50s fought to not be segregated and to be equal. Its sad. Smh

  • Take Jamie Fox and Kat Williams out of the debate and think about how many times Hollywood loves to portray us as “less-then” white people and call it artistic. Too bad most black people lack critical thinking ability to see the message Hollywood is sending. You don’t have to like Kat Williams, but you have to think outside your ipad and SUV sometimes.

    • ThomasPaine

      Hhow many black comedians have made a living off of cracking jokes against other races, then are up in arms when a white comedian makes a joke about african-americans?

  • Jabulile

    Katt Williams, you’ve gone toooo far over the line of ignorant trash. You are so low
    that a snake can look down on you. There’s no way in hell, Tarantino would want you
    for the part of Django. You’re too tacky, no class and abusive to women. You are truly
    a disgrace to the African American race. After today, I’m no longer a fan of yours. Clean up the garbage in your own life, before so call exposing other people’s. I see your career going down hill in the near future at a very fast pace. Your mouth will turn every decent person against you. God help you, because you are going to need him very soon.

  • This coming from a man who relaxes his hair?

  • monalisa15

    Say what you want about Katt Williams,. But Jamie Foxx probably is gay.

    • I think I’m with you monalisa15.

    • and what if he is gay, is that a bad thing?

      • Exactly! Intolerance no matter against what kind of human being is intolerance all the same. The way this society currently looks down upon homosexuals and lesbians is detestable, completely ignorant and unevolved!

  • carrie

    He said copy of script was given to him in Speilbergs hand ????? huh??? DUH Did you mean Quentin Tarrantino wtf

  • Johnson

    Jamie, Sam, Kerry, and all the actor’s did a outstanding job. I watch the movie with my family and explained to my son’s how not everyone is a bad guy. If not for the help he received he wouldn’t be able to save his wife. If your an out of work actor look in the mirror to find out why.

  • d

    Yall dumm aff everybody kno kat yall stupid white ppl

  • Kat attack

    That my boy kat Williams ,good call on this one

  • Gooze

    Kat who? Have I ever heard of this no talent moron? Go back into the hole you crawled out of

  • Katt Williams is for real conscious black folk! Yall are too dumb to realize that he is telling the truth! ol’ gullible asses!! This is what they want yall to think and yall fallin for it smh i bet yall like kevin hart too who is a damn replacement for Katt Williams!!

  • BurnThemAll

    The Foxx vs The Katt….
    Foxx dead.