Kazeem Famuyide

Lil Scrappy And Soulja Boy Threaten Each Other On Twitter [PHOTOS]


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  • Van Basten

    Lol, no comments, nobody cares.

  • Harry the Historian

    Who cares, In other news….

  • Chodes

  • Calikid805

    Gotta make themselves relevant some hoe

    • Calikid805


  • Jc

    Lame asses always talking bout they Gs until they died or in jail make a li money & still lk idiots blk on blk crime GROWUP…GT your mimds rght….millions of females in world lmao…about her or not u lame dunces….& she not all that a groupie ho

  • NateEqualsMeltdown

    Seeing that were talking about ground breaking news here, I just took a dump…back to you Tom

  • mega broker

    This is what some money and no common sense look like.

  • Mr. don’t care

    In other news my toe itches REALLY BADLY

  • Bill Rowan

    Whats it say about America when stuff like this is even considered news.
    Rap died after NWA imo.

    • danny4572

      that was an ignorant comment… and i mean the last claim..

  • aht87

    Maybe they will do the world a service and kill each other.

  • mista 503

    Soulja boy is trash. Worst rapper since gucci mane.

    • tastypurp

      Gucci has lyrics. Soulja just dances.

  • Jacky

    I love all y’all’s comments! All y’all right loll zzz!

  • hollywood71

    Both Lame

  • BamaChick256

    All 3 Diamond, Scrappy, & Soldier Boy is irrelevant af! SO!