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Did Chief Keef Confess To Ordering A Hit On Lil JoJo? [LISTEN]


Chief Keef has made some massive bad decisions in his short career, but admitting to murder might just take the cake.

The Chicago teen is being accused of disguising his criminal confession surrounding the shooting death of rival, Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman in rhyme.

From News One:

Interscope artist, Chief Keef (BigGucciSosa300), has continuously denied any involvement in the murder of rival, Lil JoJo (#OsoarrogantENT), born Joseph Coleman, who was gunned down at 18-years-old just hours after a brewing street war spilled over into social media. But if lyrics found in two songs on his recently released debut album, ‘Finally Rich,’ are any indication, that may not be true, according to fans and foe weighing in on Twitter.

In the song “Diamonds,” Keef raps: “Catch you slipping Scottie Pippin one phone call and you hit.”

Lil JoJo’s mom has blamed Keef for her son’s death, stating that he put a hit out on the youngster. His tweets were also investigated by authorities after he made fun of Coleman on the day of his murder.

Lyrics aren’t Keef’s only problems, though. He recently moved to a new house in Chicago’s ritzy Northbrooj neighborhood. The problem is he neglected to tell his parole officer, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. So now Keef is being sought for yet another parole violation.

Allegations that he’d be so open about killing someone might be a reach, but stranger things have happened. Take a listen to “Diamonds,” below.

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  • PLEASE STOP IT!!! He has no power to put a hit out on ANYBODY if thats the case Lil Flo Malcolm would have been dead MONTHS ago. Lil Jo Jo I’m sad to say, got killed because he ran his mouth entirely too much about a life that he was not really about. Its sad but its true.

    • joe

      shiut up, u know him that well?

      • His ACTIONS after the beef says it all

      • Montana

        you are really messed up you know that he just wanted to get out of that life and that was the way he thought he would get attention, have you no sympathy for the guy

    • Tay

      Then A lot Of These Mafia MF Wouldn’t Be Locked Up. Anyone Has The Power To Put A Hit Out On Someone IF You Have The Right Amount of Cash& Running Your Mouth Shouldn’t Be The Reason For Anyone’s Life Being At Stake.

      • But it is! And thats the sad truth. When you run your mouth screamin’ you’re about that life when you’re not people don’t like it! Its been that way for a long time

      • nic.ed

        u right

  • Sherman_Willis

    Man, lock this stupid niggga up or kill him. The Black race don’t need these type of niggaz holding us back

    • InaG

      noone needs idiot like u who believes anything he reads either so please remove urself from this planet ,bitchboy

  • missypooh1997

    somebody please tell that boy to take a bath. he looks so dirty

    • nic.ed

      brush his teeth and get that crust from around and in the corners of his mouth – on my nerves w/that face!!!

      • Chief Keith

        Stop hatin on dat man!

  • Sherman_Willis

    Black folks are blind to the psychology being programmed into them. Nigggas like Chief Keef don’t give a fucc about representing his Ancestry in America and paving the way for future generations of Blacks. But he is the one given the PLATFORM to shine as our representative… THAT’s THE SAD THING about our people. (we just don’t think long-term. It’s all about the short-run and we’ll fucc each other over for a dollar. Chief Keef is selling Blacks into slavery thru music)

  • julio williams

    Man leave him alone he out her doing good they just dont want to see him make it in life

    • truth speaker.

      he out here doing good??? really??? do you even listen to his music?? he promotes the violence and self destruction of our people and our future generations. How dare anyone call this ish hip hop. the game went from being about real lyricism and a message to being about how being “gangsta” is the way to make it out of your struggles. you really want to call that doing good?

      • Richard Hemphill

        Very well put and oh so true.

  • i guess trinidad james invented mollys smh dumb fucks

  • Carlina

    Just because somebody made a song about someone don’t men they had any involvement with someone murder

  • Date

    Chief keef sucks balls and he has no talent what so ever. A huge insult to real emcees and real criminals all a like