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High School Student Suspended For Empathizing With Sandy Hook Shooter


A high school student from San Francisco was suspended for writing a poem empathizing with Sandy Hoook Elementary School shooter, Adam Lanza.

Courtni Webb, who attends Learning Life Academy penned a work in which she showed understanding towards Lanza’s shooting spree. Last month, the 20-year-old killed 27 people, including 20 children.

“I understand the killing in Connecticut. I know why he pulled the trigger,” she wrote in the poem. “Misery loves company. If I can’t be loved no one can.” Further down in the poem, Webb makes statements like “society never wants to take the blame,” which alarmed her teacher.

Officials got word of the work, after a teacher found the poem in Webb’s  notebook and concluded that it “contained deeply concerning, and threatening language related to the recent school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.”

In an interview with NBC, Webb explained that her words were misunderstood. “Never in my life have I heard that you couldn’t mention a tragedy that happened. I didn’t say that I agree with it, I said I simply understand it,” she said, explaining

“I feel like they violated her freedom of speech,” Webb’s mother added.

Webb could potentially be expelled for the poem.

Learning Life Academy, is a school for students who have been involved in the juvenile justice system.

Photo: NBC

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  • What ever happened to free speech and the free will to have compassion for another? I like her comment, i didn’t mean that i agree with his actions; someone need to try to understand why this happened so that it will not happen again. As i too mourn he deaths of anyone hat was taken away sensily i want to know why? I want to be able to understand the dynamics of a person who would want to commit such a crime as this and then want to die. I have been depressed and have tried to take my life when i was a younger. Not because i didn’t want to live; however, it was to get away from the person who was abusng me; why? Because the cops were called just about everyday and everyay they did absolutey nothing so i tried to take matters in my own hands. Of course it didn’t work. I wouldn’t hurt anyone else. When i was young i didn’t realize how many people i could potentially hurt just by taking my own life. Back then no one understood me and he cops failed me in every way. Do i encourage it? No