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Epic Tweets: Azealia Banks Accuses Angel Haze Of “Begging” To Sleep With Her [PHOTOS]


In today’s rap game there is one (undisputed?) Twitter beef champion, and her name is Azealia Banks.

As we already know just about anyone can get it. Lil’ Kim got caught up in her Twitter fury, as did Jim Jones, Iggy Azealea, and other unsuspecting tweeters.

Banks’ latest feud is with fellow female rapper, Angel Haze.Things started out like your average Twitter dispute, but quickly crept into s-xual territory after Haze accused Banks of still rocking Rocawear (ouch!), and trying to pursue her.

The Harlem native inadvertently landed the first blow by commenting on what appeared to be Haze’s allegiance to New York, despite being a native of Detroit. “Seriously, if you were not born and raised in NY…. DON’T CLAIM NY. YOU ARE NOT A NEW YORKER,” she wrote. Claiming to not have been targeting Haze specifically the two rap stars went back and forth until Banks hit back with claims that Haze “begged” for a little face-to-genital time. “Weren’t you the same girl in your interviews + on twitter saying you want to eat my p***y and s**t?”

Well, damn.

Ironically, Haze talked up her new Twitter enemy in an interview with Complex last fall. “Azealia, we’re really cool,” she said. “We’re around each other. She loves the music I make, and she thinks I’m the best female rapper. It’s amazing for me, and I love her music and I love her genuinely as a person. So it’s cool to have the person you respect, respect you.”

It appears that the aforementioned “respect” is a thing of the past. Peep some of  the mostly-deleted tweets below.


Photos: MTV/Rap-Up/Twitter

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  • lacoste

    Wow two skinny, wack, female, lame music making, non-unified, black chicks.

  • who the hell is angel haze?

  • AST

    Remember when the music industry was.about talent instead of.stank ass.attitudes and.who wears what?

    Yeah, that’ll never happen again.