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Azealia Banks Calls Perez Hilton A “Messy F****t,” Angers Gay Fans & Confuses Everybody [PHOTOS]


Azealia Banks’ Twitter life has gotten out of control. The very source of her fan interaction (and growing popularity) has once again become the location for her latest, and possibly most damaging, Twitter battle.

Last night in the early a.m. (January 5), Banks got into a vicious Twitter tiff with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. The struggle commenced when Hilton @’d Banks with the question, “You got something against girls with small breasts???”

Banks didn’t take to kindly to Hilton siding with Angel Haze in her ongoing battle with the female MC, and responded in kind with, “Get the f-ck outta here d-ckbreath. U were just riding my cl-t yesterday….. Kick rox.”

Well damn.

But the real kicker was when Banks called the openly gay Hilton the f-word (the one that ends in a “t”). “lol what a messy fa–ot you are,” she tweeted to Hilton, who himself would basically call her a Santigold knock off. Needless to say, the rapper/vocalist’s mentions were on fire.

She ended up giving an apology—but not before copping pleas about what the proper definition of a fa–ot is—to anyone who may have been offended by her words, except Hilton, of course. Just a couple of hours ago she sent a message out that suggests she will be standing by her exchange, at least for now. “Really not as moved by this f word thing as u all want me to be. As a bis-xual person I knew what I meant when I used that word,” she tweeted. “And I meant what I meant when I used that word. You human beings have bigger life problems then what I think about some played out gossip dude…..”

Check out all the tweets in the gallery below.

Additional reporting by Latifah Muhammad.

Photos: Twitter

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  • Janay

    She said “if you listen to my music and you’re not offendee by the word nigg@ were not going there with the f@ggot chit”….lol well said. Everybodys ok w hearing degradation until its turned on them

    • Right she is sharp and smart, I love her music!!

    • that’s what i said Well Said & Well Done! its ago to be at her show repeating the word N*GGA as loud as they can scream it but gasp for air for F.ine A.rse G.irls? cut it the eff out.

  • jamirish

    Who the hell is Santigold?

  • Memyselfando

    He also tweeted something about her having beef with Rihanna. Figured I’d missed something when it popped up on my timeline, but maybe it was surrounding this same blow up.

  • Tom Y

    Haha good for her. I don’t subscribe to that anti population agenda.
    I’m top percentile intelligence, tall, athletic, popular. Creative, open
    minded, independent, I’m able to see homosexuals for what they are.
    Rude, annoying, hateful and entirely unnecessary. You could just be
    alone instead of having to pretend you’re in love with a man and
    constantly disrespecting everybody because your bum hurts and it’s their
    fault for not stopping you.

  • Well sorry to say serves himright. Stop denying that sodemy causes STDs! And frankly Perez is pain in the butt!

    • Stop promoting homosexuality as a minority but lifestyle instead. Doesn’t any singer have the guts to speak up the truth or u all in for the money that leads you to hell

      • God

        Now now Judy. Stop bit**in and come ouyt the closet. Its ok sweety, u will be accepted. Baby steps. Toodles!

    • U mad Judy

      No h0e you cause STD’s..