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George Clinton Loses Song Copyrights To Pay Outstanding $1M+ In Lawyer Fees


Note to musicians and songwriters, if you don’t pay your debts, you might lose copyrights to the songs you own. Funk legend George Clinton learned this after a judge granted copyrights to four songs from his extensive catalog to a law firm he owes over $1 million.

TMZ reports that law firm Hendricks & Lewis was a awarded $1.5 million judgment against Clinton back in 2010, but so far has only collected $340,000 of that money. So a federal judge gave the copyright to H&L so they can use the royalties to get their loot.

In the docs, the judge grants H&L the copyrights for the following Funkadelic jams:

– “Hardcore Jollies”
– “The Electric Spanking of War Babies”
– “Uncle Jam Wants You”
– “One Nation Under A Groove” 

According to the ruling, H&L can sell or use the music however it wants — with all money going toward paying back the original judgment.

Once that’s paid off, the copyrights go back to Clinton … who has filed a motion to reverse the decision. No ruling on that yet.

“One Nation Under A Groove” has been sampled by a gang of Hip-Hop acts including EPMD (“So Wat Cha Sayin'”) and X-Clan (“Funkin’ Lesson”).

At least Clinton, founder of Parliament Funkadelic, will eventually get music back. In 2010, he sued the Black Eyed Peas for using a sample of Parliament’s “(Not Just) Knee Deep” on their hit song “Shut Up” without his permission and the matter was settled out of court.

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  • This is just a d@mn shame! I heard about it on the radio this morning. He is losing the ANTHEM, ‘One Nation Under A Groove’, that’s MAJOR! What a fool! I really thought that George was smarter than that, smart enough to pay his d@mn bills and debt! He had the money, the royalties he WAS getting off of songs like the anthem, he had to be raking in some serious cash every year just on that alone! D@mn George, just d@mn, that’s all I can say! This is one dissatisfied with you funkateer !