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Justin Bieber Struggle Being Blamed On YMCMB Rapper Lil Twist [PHOTOS]


Justin Bieber has been doing damage to his once Disney like image thanks to getting caught speeding in his Ferrari and most recently being spotted puffing on a bl*nt in a hotel room. So of course, the Beebs’ follies are being blamed on his rapper buddy Lil Twist

It was Twist, who is signed to Lil Wayne’s YMCMB, who was at the wheel when Bieber’s car was pulled over last week and reportedly the rapper was in the room where the pic was snapped of the Pop singer with a bl*nt in his hand. According to TMZ, sources close to Bieber aren’t feeling his new road dog’s influence.

Twist was with Bieber in a Newport Beach hotel room last week, where, we’re told, the rapper was happily rolling blunts for J.B. and others. 

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … JB and Twist have become tight … and have been smoking together on a number of other occasions.

You’ll recall … Twist was speeding on the 405 Freeway New Year’s Day in Justin’s Ferrari when he was pulled over by cops.  A photog was killed trying to snap pics of the traffic stop.  Prior to the accident, Twist and Justin had spent much of the day in a room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills — where Justin frequently gets a room.

Sources involved in Justin’s life who care about him are deeply concerned that Twist has become a powerful negative influence in his life and feel very strongly Justin needs a clean break from the rapper or else bad things are going to happen.

Umm, we’re willing to bet Twist ain’t the first and won’t be the last person to pass Beebs a joint or pour the underage (for alcohol) crooner a drink (Note: Twist ain’t 21 yet, too). Also, did Lil Twist steal the key’s to Bieber’s Ferrari and strap him to the passenger seat? Did Lil Twist put the bl*nt into Bieber’s hands and demand him to smoke it at gunpoint?

Didn’t think so.

To Bieber’s credit, he’s taking responsibility for his own actions. He tweeted yesterday: “everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up.”

Check out photos of Lil Twist and his bff Justin Bieber kicking it in the gallery. Do you think Lil Twist is blame for Bieber’s “bad behavior”? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Photos: Instagram

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  • korbermeister

    Jus is to blame but STILL wouldn’t want someone around my kids with a lame-aß name like li’l twist

  • …..

    No, JB’s PR camp just needs somebody to blame so their perfect poster-noy can maintain his image. Twist is an easy target. The parents ofhis fans won’t really know who he is so all they’ll know is here’s some rapper hanging out with Justin making him look bad. Justin’s people are throwing him under the bus big time.

    • …..


      • sneaky187


  • Blame it on the black kid for having a negative influence on the lil white Disney playhouse rock boy. When you have money it doesn’t change you, it allows you to be more of what you really are, bad or good..

    • MD

      Preach, yep blame it on the black kid, that’s the PR team doing its job

      • Justin Flowers

        He’s not preaching you idiot, this isn’t a church…what I want to do is change the subject and ask you or any of the black people on this post who knows the answer, ok here is my question, WHY does every other BLACK rapper have the nickname “lil” or “young”…I mean theres not much originality behind that at all and was curious as to why.

    • Justin Flowers

      Hey dumbass black guy no one is blaming the little black kid except one dumbass who wrote an article in a very non-important…what is this a magazine or paper or blog idek but anyway I was just gonna log in and say look at the two little fake ghetto cats in the pic…you know the WHITE canadian kid where oh the streets must be just so tough and the BLACK kid who well, lets face it, wouldn’t be the first time either race has done it so why even play the race card. Black or white they both look stupid, act dumb, and get paid to do so because of all the sleepless sheep in the world.

  • Kaori

    How is it possible for someone (Lil twist) to still have a record deal when he has released no albums?

    • I believe because there are so many people in the ymcmb camp, they take turns promoting their artist. First it was drake then nicki then tyga.. Etc.

      • Kaori

        There are a lot of artist signed to YMCMB. But really, I think it is because he is a mediocre talent and his album wouldn’t sell anyway. I’ve heard this “they take turns…” reason before and I don’t believe it, because a REAL artist would never allow their career to take a backseat like that. Besides, is it ‘taking turns’ really if only 4 artists get to release albums?

      • it’s YMCMB… they all have mediocre talent. But anyways I think they do drop mix-tapes from time to time, but if the boss (Wayne I presume, and the other guy) isn’t ready to promote you then you’re basically stuck.

        For example I remember listening to Lupe fiasco talk about how he wasn’t willing to compromise on his values and beliefs, record labels wanted him to rap about this and that, and to make chart topping hits (think waka flocka flame- esque music) in exchange for substance and Lupe wasn’t having it, so they stopped promoting him and refused to release his album.
        Sure you can get your own following, but only so much can be done. Because the record labels have the tools to promote them on a bigger platform, then if they do it alone. And for YMCMB looking elsewhere to help you for your career would probably be seen as unloyal. You know how YMCMB is, they’re very close knit. from what I gathered. Also too having raw talent doesn’t mean a person has star quality. Sometimes people have to be groomed before hand. Also last point…. they have contracts. so even if they wanted to they can’t just up and leave.

      • Kaori

        Yes, they do release mixtapes. But mixtapes are FREE! In the working world, if one doesn’t get promoted, then they find another job. Some of the ‘artists’ have been on YMCMB for 3/4 years, never releasing an album.

        Actually, I don’t know how YMCMB is.

        I never implied or said that having raw talent meant one had star quality.

        I know that they have contracts and can’t just ‘up and leave’. However, it is in their best interests to do so.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        they get shows off how well their mixtapes do…show money is better than album money for most artists

  • Crazy

    Lol they can’t be that bad, look at them saying grace at the table

  • NicciNic

    Sigh smh you cannot blame someone else for how you or another person acts. HE is responsible his own actions. This is stuff we teach preschool children. Why would adults try to blame someone else for his bs

  • Lisa Lovesmith Lang

    I seen JB in Hollywood 3 or 4 times meeting with Jazzy from Jazzy management I think jazzy is the best when it comes to real business in this music game we love you @Jazzymgt your a true big brother to us and people should know this man

  • super racist

    • Justin Flowers

      Super stupid!

  • Lol, I knew they would blame him. More proof at how they really see blacks.

    • Kiki

      Even if it was a white rapper people would still say the same. Rappers life style is very different to how justins was.

      • How do you know how Justin’s lifestyle is lol

      • Justin Flowers

        Actually it’s possible Justin’s lifestyle is similar to a lot of rappers currently out…fake/mainstream/comercialized/no talent hack…

    • Justin Flowers

      Damn look at all the black people up in arms about this dumb fk article…if you want to know why people see blacks as blacks or whatever your trying to say then maybe stop doing the typical stuff that got you labeled as such in the first place….WOW DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND OR WHAT!!! I love droppn a little intellect on the ignorant. And no I’m not racist at all but watch the crying begin.

  • bren

    justin bieber need to man up, quit being a little b**ch and take responsibility for his own actions, lil twist (whoever the hell he is) didn’t put a gun to his head and make him smoke weed, i’m sure, he’s not a child anymore and he needs to be careful with the decisions he makes so his dumbass fans don’t go around cutting themselves who btw need to get a f**king life and some help cause its not that serious, honestly smh, if you think your celebrity role model is perfect, get real and think again, their human and grow up and live their lives however the hell they want too just like the rest of, there’s just so happens to be in front of the spotlight

  • Matthew

    The fact that Beiber smoked weed, is the first thing in human history to make weed less appealing.

  • Kiki

    If Justin didn’t hang around with Lil Twist and I 100% bet he wouldn’t be doing half the things he has been doing now. Smoking weed, drinking is not the best thing for him if is meant to me a “role model”. Plus why do you need to do all those things even if your rish or not. It’s not the best life style. But people do as they please. If this is the path Justing wants to take he is gunna lose a lot of fans and respect. Just my opinion. I am a fan of YMCMB, a lot of rappers apart of YMCMB are great people. But are rapper the best of people for young clean singers? Of course JB makes mistakes, this will just drag him down even more. his parents and his people should be supporting him more and moving him away from that kind of life style.

    • ac

      First of all just because people sing or wrap doesn’t mean they Are not normal people. And normal people get speeding tickets and some of them smoke weed or worst. This is a black and white thing don’t get it twisted

  • kiki

    why are they praying? Hope they are praying for forgiveness.

  • Typical white people(no offense) but y’all want to act black and have black friends but as soon as y’all get in trouble y’all want to talk all proper and throw the black friend under the bus

    • Jason LaRue

      U are a Racist, period. .. no offense.

    • we throw ourselves under the bus more than anyone…..this is not a white or black thing its teens doing what teens do

  • I think Justin needs to take responsiblity for his actions u not going to get to the top with trying to blame others and yea u fall but can u get back up cuz the road he is on his going down hill

  • freddyfreshh

    LOL blacks roll on each other all the time to save their own self, so don’t act like it’s a white thing to throw someone under the bus…it’s a character thing. You are either responsible for your own actions or you aren’t, and throwing color into it is rediculous.

  • CHillax

    Cmon everybody
    Its his own life if he wants too blaze its all gucci
    He still is on top
    And the females love him so this aint even a story

  • CHillax

    Lil twist has a bunch of good songs out
    They are 2 years old but dude forsure is still well known

  • Levi

    Jb’s PR camp need to take responsibility nd not blame others and jb might learn a thing or 2 about responsibility when his choices effect his image (not that I care)


  • jike hike

    somebody toss both these lil fools a beatin.

  • This dudes 18 or 19 so he’s an adult who live in Cali and is from Canada both places know for weed and the fact that you can smoke it (with provisions) so ya of course he’s smoking weed. And how is it Lil Twist fault the photog was killed taking pics of a stopped car maybe he shouldn’t have been in the street or maybe they shouldn’t chase celebs cars

  • Truthtella

    well he wasnt getting into all this sh!t when it was just that corny ole swaggER coach