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Hearing Date In George Zimmerman Case Set For Trayvon Martin’s 18th Birthday


February 5 will be a bitter–sweet day for the parents of Trayvon Martin. The day is scheduled for accused killer George Zimmerman’s next court hearing, but it also marks what would’ve been the teen’s 18th birthday.
The original hearing was set for tomorrow, but Judge Debra Nelson saw it unnecessary, causing a reschedule. According to his legal website, the Zimmerman defense team also waived the hearing agreeing with the state that “there are currently no matters that can be appropriately address by the court on that.”

Since his release on $1 million bond, Zimmerman remains under GPS monitoring, and is facing financial trouble. The 29-year-old reached out for more public assistance to cover what are likely massive attorney fees, and is the focus of  more legal action for not paying his bills.

As previously reported, security company Associated Investigative Services is suing Zimmerman for just over $27,000. According to AIS, the former neighborhood watch captain never took care of his invoice for the protection they provided him. Zimmerman’s lawyer accused AIS of hiking up their prices. “We trusted them to be efficient with their work and they weren’t,” the lawyer said.

Zimmerman claims to have shot 17-year-old Martin in an act of self-defense. His trial is due to begin in June.

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  • Louie Arrighi

    if he would have kept his hands to himself, he would still be alive today. instead he followed through with puttin bangaz on crackas since 2011, just like he tweeted.

    • wtf u yalkin bout?

    • LindyM54

      So many If’s. GZ should have stayed in his vehicle instead of taking the law into his own hand. GZ was a self appointed neighborhood watch captain, self righteous wanna be that couldn’t make it in law enforcement. The job of a neighborhood watch volunteer is to report suspicious activity only, do not follow and not get personally involved in any activity you are reporting. GZ broke the rules of the Neighborhood Watch Program, which in itself is not against the law but a person disregarding these rules and regulations set by the National Sheriff’s Association will be held accountable for any laws that are broken for taking action and acting as law enforcement, which GZ is not.

    • Liquidmark

      If Zimmerman had acted like a responsible adult and stayed in his truck, then Trayvon would be alive today. Only a fool would blame Trayvon for defending himself from an unidentified man that left his vehicle, pursued him and tried to detain him when he rightfully asked why he was being followed.

  • Thankfully Travon never made 18.

  • Realist

    Are u serious.. if you are gonna post negative comments, keep them to yourself.. god doesnt like ugly and EVERYONE will b held accountable for their actions.. remember that

  • May I address a comment please??? Bob Macfarlane, you have ever right under the sun to voice your opinion. But for some reason I find you to be abit lonely. (meaning) you need to feel love,you sound alittle childish,silly,throwed off, no life… May I suggest you go to a web-site that entertain youth as one’s self. The comment or opinion you made is abit STRANGED. I see no humor nor is it call for… May I add this as well,, you should be thankful it wasn’t you walking the nite of… We could very well be debating on you Mr.Bob…. Let’s all think before we speak or act.. As you can see George didn’t……..

  • Steelman

    It is a sad day to see anyone get hurt, But Travon should have called the Police if he thought someone was following him,not attack that person. Zimmerman did in fact call the police and was supposedly returning to his truck as the police instructed him to do,the way we herd it. And if Travon did in fact attack him, and get him on the ground and started beating his head on the concrete as the wounds appear to be there with the stitches,I think Zimmerman had a right to shoot him. I think the media blew everything out of proportion and convicted Zimmerman because they are anti gun.Lets see at least what the trial judge has to say before we pass judgment.