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Love & Hip Hop New York – Full Episode 1 [VIDEO]


The third season of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, the New York City version, debuted last night and the drama was fully turnt up. Between Joe Budden, Raqi Thunda and Tahiry Jose, the OG version of the Love & Hip Hop series is trying to give Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta a run for the money when it comes to ratchetness.

The biggest storyline in yesterday’s episode was the quasi-love triangle between the Slaughterhouse rapper and his friend (Raqi) and ex (Tahiri). We say “quasi-love triangle” because Joe and Raqui insist their relationship is strictly platonic. However, when Joe invites the two to his birthday party (after they had unsuccessfully tried to make peace beforehand), they commence to throwing hands after plenty of verbal jabs and a couple of ill fated attempts at playing “Truth Truth,” a version of “Truth Or Dare.”

Then there was another quasi-love/business triangle that involved manager Rich Dollaz, R&B singer Olivia and Erica Mena (what she do, exactly?). Olivia sniffed out that Erica and Rich were getting it in and wanted to be clear that she didn’t want their relationship putting a damper on her business. Of course, this lead to one big headache for Rich. Yo, the struggle is real.

We also met Rashida Ali, advisor to Tahiry and also a “shoe consultant to the stars,” which pretty much confused most people watching this episode. There was also Yandy Smith having some issues with her boyfriend, but really, most viewers were checking for the drama with the most potential for good cat fight. Just saying.

If you missed the premiere episode of the third season of Love & Hip Hop, watch it below.

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  • Antoinettehy

    Unlike LHHATL, this season and cast is not entertaining at all! Where’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta! !!!

  • Antoinettehy

    And Tahiry gets on my nerves

  • Rozj

    why is it that there are no dark skinned black in the show? It seems to be a stereo typed situation. I like the show a lot, but I am curious why no dark complexion charters. When with people have done it not okay, now as a people we have the opportunity to express or self and its threw violence and the casting of lighter complexion blacks or Latino. What about us?

    • Nicole

      When it comes to women, the majority of them are non-black. The only black women I see in this show are Yandy, Rashida, and Olivia. 95% of the women in that show are Latina and white. So it’s really, “where are the black women at?”

  • Rozj

    I like the show very much because Crissy and Jim was why I got into the show. Tahayr I like her style. Where my darkies at?


    Erica is wack and is trying too hard!!!