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Fight Breaks Out During Memorial Service For New York Teen Killed Over Winter Coat [PHOTOS]


A fight broke out during a memorial service for Raphael Ward, a teenager who was shot for his winter coat, last week.

The ceremony, held Wednesday (Jan. 9), erupted in violence outside of the Provenzano Lanza Funeral Home on New York City’s Lower East Side (aka, the LES).

“It was sickening, and really weird to see,” said a witness named John, who spoke on the condition of partial anonymity. The witness reported seeing a “huge mass,” of teens crowded outside funeral home, while the bus he was riding was stuck in traffic. “We see the crowd shift, I see an older man with a cane shouting and being pushed by a teenager, and there’s the guy in a suit trying to separate them.”

New York police released surveillance of four men believed to have killed Ward for his Marmot coat.  The gunman was described as a 5-foot-6-inches tall weighing between 120 to 140 pounds, and was wearing a hat or a ski mask when he walked up on the teen and opened fire. So far, only one person—Timothy Montalvo, 16— has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon and murder. The other three suspects are still at large.

See photos from the fight below.


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  • JustSaying_IMFO

    I see a bunch of people running. Could be running from Godzilla for all these pictures show.

  • DATRUTH101


  • lrrhood2

    We do not teach our children shame, or any othe form of proper behavior, for shame. On the person who killed a kid for his coat and for the behavior of his so called friends who showed such a lack of respect by their behavior at his funeral.

    • Marcar

      You never want to teach a child shame, You want to teach them honor & respect & values. If this kid respected life and other people he wouldn’t have killed another young man for a coat.

      • If they had any of those traits they would feel shame for acting like a bunch of animals.

  • MarcaR

    If people would teach their children right from wrong and instill in them decency these things would not happen. Instead most young parents have 4-5 kids from 4-5 different men by the time they’re 20 years old,and are too busy trying to collect their next check to know what little julio or shaquon are up too. Shame on you for having a child when you’re a selfish little child yourself.

    • chocolate drop

      Hmm lets eval the names you used as examples…”julio…shaquon” You do realize little tommy & dillion commit shooting crimes too???? Shame on you for being so narrow minded and ignorant…!!! Oh and BTW…YOU CANT INSTILL DECENCY….

  • Would gun control have prevented this atrocity? Doubtful. This is an obvious lack of care for human life. Not sure the official culprit, however “upbringing” comes to mind!

  • navell1

    You cant raise you kids around kids who have no hope love respect etc…teens killings are up beyond the reports you hear. Leave the city for quiet towns or you are putting your childs life in danger. You can teach your child but what about the other parent.

  • In case anyone wonders what the future of today’s youths looks like.