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Coco Poses For (More) Inappropriate Flicks With Random Unidentified Male [PHOTOS]


Apparently Ice’ T’s wife, Coco, never really learned her lesson. Less than a month after images of the curvy blonde, and Bay Area struggle rapper AP.9 emerged, more flicks have hit the ‘Net, proving that she knew she had gone too far.

The reality star/model was seen in more than a few compromising poses with AP.9 who released brand new photos recently. In the newly unveiled pictures, and correspondence with one of the men, the 33-year-old pleaded to have them removed.  “Hey this is Coco,” she wrote. “Can u please take that picture of u & I off your page. Its [sic] not a good look. Thank u.”

Unfortunately the man in the second butt-grabbing flicks, wasn’t sympathetic. “So I got this DM on twitter…just wondering a few things? A. Is Ice T mad? B. its [sic] not a good look for you, not me C. You know what you were doing when you took the pic D. You mad Coco??” he responded.

Still looking to ride out his 15-minutes of fame, AP.9 has threatened to release nude pics, and whatever other damaging information that he can drum up. “I took Coco out on a date to Haze nightclub. She brought some friends…some of the crew from Ice LoveS Coco even showed up too! We had a steamy one night stand. I hate being called a liar…cuz I’m not,” he said in an interview.

Ice-T hasm’t spoke on (or tweeted about) the newest pics, but at this point, maybe he should take a deeper look at his relationship.

Just a thought.

Photo: Hollywood Street Kings

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  • monica miller

    Heaux do these things….

  • Maybe Coco is trying to tell Ice-T she wants out of the relationship they have gone as far as they can go. She knows what she is doing and she has her own reasons to why. After all she is still in her thirties and Ice-T with that double thick chin and overweight body has lost his appeal to her. Those muscles are as tight as they use to be and has turned into fab and this is her way of saying she wants out. What sane man would not divorce their wife after the display she has openly put on come on most of us know the deal. Its over.

  • C


  • hey, she can use the same excuse the rappers use when they have a women at home and out in videos and pics grabbing asses and anything else.. “I was doing this for work, not play baby.. Lmao..