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A 5-year-old girl who was snatched from her Philadelphia kindergarten classroom was found safe this morning.

Little Nailla Robinson was taken from Bryant School on the city’s southwest side Monday, after a woman wearing a burqa and veil walked into her classroom, according to surveillance footage.

Robinson was found on the school playground hiding under a jungle gym dressed in only a T-shirt and was soaking wet. A man at the school found her, after hearing the child’s cries.

She was taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she is being cared for.

Latifah Rashid, Robinson’s mother who is Muslim, also covers her hair and face, leading to the belief that the abductor was doubling as someone related to the child. She reportedly introduced herself as “Tiffany,” and scribbled down an illegible signature in the school visitor log.

When news of Robinson’s abduction broke, posts about the child landed on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, while Rashid went on TV and gave a tearful plea for the return for her young daughter.

According to school officials, allowing the child to leave the classroom with an unknown person was a “serious break in procedure.”

Although she was taken in the early morning— roughly 10 minutes after being dropped off—no one was aware that Robinson was missing until 3 p.m. when her daycare provider came to pick her up.

Robinson escaped her captures by running away.

Police are still investigating the matter.


Photo: Fox 29


**Editor’s note, the child’s mother, Latifah Rashid, is of no relation to the author of this news story.

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