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Criminal Minds: 10 Cities (Besides Chicago) With High Murder Rates [PHOTOS]



In 2012 Detroit came close to fellow Midwest City Chicago with 411 homicides  for the year.

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  • the fact you didnt do your research to find Oklahoma City had exactly 99 murders in 2012 thats 16.7 per 100,000 people new york city’s average is 5.07 per 100,000 people ! Its wild out here in the heartland!

    • Defender of Righs

      How many whete by police officers? I know 3 stories day of goes officer shot and killed man today in self defense wonder how many the victims where actually innocent

      • what?


    • But ny had 414 murders yall need to stop goin by that murders per 100,000 bs

      • No_More_Time

        In order to compare cities with different populations you need to use murders or crimes per 100k, not just counts of incidents. If you think it is BS you need to take a basic stat class or even a basic math class to understand comparing different populations.

      • Blaqsea

        I think he was just trying to eliminate numbers and focus purely on the human lives taken. So quick to insult it’s ok you’re just an average American displaying the same intolerant psyche that caused most of these murders anyway

      • No_More_Time

        Seriously you also need to understand how numbers work. He insults people by calling someone else stating facts as BS and I give some background on what the other guy is trying say and you want to call me intolerant? Your ignorance of thinking you can just compare numbers without any context is the problem. Don’t try to equate with what I state as the reason for most of these murders, because it is irrelevant. Keep believing everything the media tells you without questioning their logic or process, that is the problem with the average thinking in the US that you represent in your comment.

      • Blaqsea

        Can’t stop, won’t stop. Lighten up guy. I don’t believe any of the media. And I’m not arguing your logic just your delivery. A death is still a death is it not?

      • SUnsan

        Holy crap

  • iHeartMarijuana

    I knew there’d at least be one person trying to prove how “wild” their city was. Either way, terrible list. No research done whatsoever, just random numbers. Totally inaccurate.

  • Cokeland

    Waiting for the comments that show pride in their city being on this list or anger that their city isn’t…

  • CriticXtreme

    All these cities have a high concentration of black people. Black people killing each other is a shame but these cities are a financial gold mine for A&E’s First 48 TV show. This shows that some black folks are definitely keeping it real….real stupid!

  • Ms Lady

    I really feel ashame to see my city on this list smh…. and then they use the dirtiest looking block in the city as if we all live that way… believe it or not there is more to Baltimore then just violence, murder and junkies. I’m ashamed but hey these the streets that raised me… I just wish all this violence would stop:(

    • IknowYouknow

      I concur. I am proud of Baltimore, and it’s a great city with so much more than the negative stuff that is always portrayed. Go Ravens!!!

  • Dee

    All those cities that HHW showed aren’t the most black friendly cities. The blacks in these cites have one time to get it right by going to school and getting a college eduction; otherwise, they are dumped on the streets, where they either turn to drugs or gang life.

    These cities aren’t like Orlando or Atlanta where one could at least get an entry level job, making $35K a year, which will earn one a decent living. In New York, a white person with no high school diploma can get a better than a black person with some college–this is a proven fact!

    • Papa Smurf

      I want to see the proof. You seem to think that the color of ones skin, with regard to ones ability to find a job, is because white people are still suppressing the black people. You are so convinced of that, you placed a post stating that.
      Show us were you get you information,please.
      I submit to you that you cannot produce any such proof.

      • taxedout

        Perhaps we should look at the lack of immigration policy, and how many of those entry level jobs are taken by undocumented immigrants? This problem takes away jobs from blacks, whites, and latinos. Remember when you would go into a fast food establishment, and see 16-19 yr olds working there, learning basic working principals? Now we see 30-50 yr olds, who can’t speak English in those jobs. Shame on the business hiring the undocumented, and the Fed Govt for not doing their job of keeping them out!

    • Two sides to every story

      Uhh Houston isn’t ? (Surprised my home town Dallas wasn’t on the list)

  • Nick name

    How did you leave out Philadelphia, Pa. ? 331 murdered for 2012..

    • That’s Wut I’m sayin philly has a higher body kount than all theses cities except ny Detroit & chiraq

      • SUnsan

        Wut wut?

    • booski

      The city is huge so that means the murder rates are lower

  • realtalk

    They have all theses cities with low homicides theses ain’t nuffin I kud only see y Chicago , ny & Detroit is on the list , yet L.A & Philly have over 300 homicides and ain’t on the list , theses cities r lil niggaz kompared to the big niggaz like chi-town, ny, philly, Detroit or L.A

    • SUnsan

      I wish I kud unnerstaz you lil niggaz

  • B

    St Louis is just across the river from Chicago? Brilliant caption.

  • Dave

    St.Louis, just across the river from Chicago? Go across the river and drive another 275 miles or more. Just across the river is E St. Louis, a nice ,picturesque, affluent little suburb.

  • Bryan

    Gun control must really work.

  • these so called [[[tough]]] nothin but scared children w/no job,,home life,or education..killing is supposed to be macho,,actually they are cowards,,,,,,the answer is………….only they know……………….

  • NO Big Man

    New Orleans has more murders too be the smallest of all the cites listed two are more every night 7 days a week I know cause I live here with a 10pct conviction rate…