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Consequence & Jen The Pen Slander Kanye West, Q-Tip & Love & Hip Hop Cast [VIDEO]


Consequence holds his tongue for nobody, which makes for great entertainment. The former G.O.O.D. Music rapper and his baby mother Jen The Pen, who is also a fellow Love & Hip Hop New York cast member, stopped by the Breakfast Club and proceeded to go in on everybody mentioned. That includes Kanye West, Raqi Thunda, Q-Tip, Joe Budden, Big Sean and much, much more.

Cons called Raqui a “raccoon” who was out here “passing around diseases.” As for Joe Budden, the Queens rapper said, “He ain’t get over the fact that Raekwon smacked him in the heard,” said Cons. [Note: It was actually one of the Chef’s goons, allegedly.]

Then when asked about Kanye West, Jen The Pen went off because the couple never received a gift from Yeezy for the birth of their son. Which of course led to her dropping dime about West, supposedly, sleeping with Kim Kardashian while she was then still in a relationship with Reggie Bush.

Aww damn. And that’s just the start because we didn’t mention Q-Tip getting thrown under the bus. On a less slanderous note, Cons just released his Movies On Demand 4 mixtape.

See the full interview with Consequence and Jen The Pen below.


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  • he has the ugliest mouth..

  • Charla

    So Kanye owes their kid something? Didn’t they have a fallout of sorts?

  • Can’t stand his wife! trick was talking slick on the other video!

  • Wow

    I had to watch because I didn’t know who these people were. This guy
    sounds like a whiny baby. Some people should not be given a platform. I
    remember when rap was about “The Message”, “Self-Destruction”,
    “Teaching Poetry”… I remember when rap was funny or conscious, but now
    this is beyond foolishness. He is going off because someone didn’t
    send a gift? Wow- he sounds like big baby no disrespect to babies. Sounds like he grew up thinking every thing he did was major when it was really sub-par. Stop raising brats it’s not cute! smdh

  • about time someone put kanye on blast. i always thought he was overrated