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Mikel Ruffinelli Has The World’s Largest Hips, Measure In At 8 Feet [PHOTOS]


UPDATE: It’s looking like besides driving trucks, Miss Ruffinelli goes by the name Uniquely Made Diva and twerks her gigantic derriere for fetishists on the Internets. Oh my. Peep here, and definitely NSFW.

Usually in Hip-Hop videos, the wider the hips on a female the better (just saying). But, don’t expect to see Mikel Ruffinelli in your favorite rapper’s visual anytime soon. The 39 year-old California resident has the world’s biggest hips, which measure in at a ri-donk-ulous (see what we did there) eight feet around (as in circumference, for you nitpicking trolls).

Theoretically, she could use two Bow Wows as a belt.

According to the World Record Academy, holds the Guiness Book of World Records title for the world’ largest hips. Ruffinelli is 5′ 4″ and weighs in at 420 pounds. The mother of four, who drives a truck, claims that it was having her children that made her hips widen despite her waist being a relatively svelte 40″.

The Daily Mail reports that Ruffinelli has no intention on cutting back on the snacks. “I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems,” she explained. “Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.”

Hey, there’s somebody for everybody, right?

Reportedly, Ruffinelli has to walk sideways through most doors, sleeps in a seven foot wide bed and uses steel reinforced chairs in the crib. It doesn’t seem like her husband, Reggie Brooks, is complaining, though. That’s him in some of the pics of Ruffinelli in all her extreme hippage glory that can be seen in the gallery.

This is not what Mos Def had in mind when he made “Ms. Fat Booty.” Fellas, is this what you dream of? Ladies, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Photos: Daily Mail

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  • David Leach


  • bwitching

    do you offer bleach for my eyes?

    • msLIsunshine


  • She is kidding herself when she says she doesn’t have health problems. She is a walking dead woman. If the heart doesn’t quit suddenly she will get diabetes. Many other health conditions can, and probably will, affect her. Sad and avoidable situation.

  • smileydoll

    She’s fat, lets face it,, she gains weight down below but her stomach is big too! Disgusting. Years ago I worked in an old ladies custom shoe store, and I had someone as big has her with hips a big come in. I knew she couldn’t fit in the chair, so I pulled out the littlle fitting stool for her to sit in. It creaked but held.

    Her “hps” as she claims they are are just pure fat. Go to Jenny Craig lady… let the news spread good news, not disgust.

  • Jack

    “Which measure in at ri-donk-ulous (see what we did there) eight feet wide.” There is a difference between width and circumpherence. Glad these writers know the difference..

  • BBWlover

    I would test drive her for a day or two, then submit my decision on how I like her.

    Awe, who am I fooling. I would test drive her for a week, and keep her!

  • HipsIsIt

    Guuurl…you know you look gooood and I know you looook goooood! Let haters hate nah mean?? Keep eatin’! It agrees with you guuuuurl!!

  • If I knew her personally I’d urge to immediately go on a professionally supervised diet. She is MORBIDLY OBESE, and I’m surprised that she already doesn’t have serious health problems. She’ll be lucky to make it to age 50.

  • Here is the problem with America: we glorify fat people and give them media attention. This lady thinks there is no problem with her, yet give her time and she will have all sorts of health problems. Guess who is then paying for her? Me! I am sick of fat people taking my money!!! And then I am considered insensitive because I speak out against unhealthy fat people. How about Ms. Hips Don’t Lie is being insensitve to my wallet?
    Stop giving these people their 15 minutes!

  • She’s obese… nothing special about that.

  • Next they’ll be celebrating the World’s largest ovarian cyst.

    • notlaughing

      Douche bag people with os dont choose to have them…

      • notlaughing

        typo I meant O C

  • MindLikeWarp

    Disgusting…seriously…our society is going downhill. We actually glorify something this disgusting.

  • Modessitt

    World’s Biggest? Apparently they didn’t check my sister…

  • billy johnson

    shes on that BBW website mercedesbbw com
    her model name is uniquely made diva

  • Viv

    The bottom half of her body looks very, very unhealthy! She is an attractive woman but she needs to lose weight! Her husband should encourage her to lose weight instead of smiling and posing behind her!!

  • billyjohnson1236

    shes a model on the site Mercedesbbw com she take off her clothes and shows us men who can handle it what we wanna see her name is uniquely made diva i have all of her videos shes a gorgeous woman!!!!! give me mor

  • GozieBoy

    I didn’t see a scale on that photo, but I’d bet a small fortune that her hips are NOT “eight feet wide”. Maybe in circumference, but NOT width. Learn some geometry, please!

  • houston

    is that a donkey?

  • houston

    oops..sorry..i meant ” is that an african elephant?”

  • Dr. Ohhellno

    8 feet in CIRCUMFERENCE, not 8 feet wide. Maybe a geometry refresher class would help?

  • mr. mathis

    No !!!!! Here is what’s wrong with America. We are so busy trying to degrade others that we don’t have time to look at ourselves. Young lady if you are happy with you and your man is happy with you my sister life goes on

    • mr. mathis

      And another thing, your talking about her health problems when you fail to realize that you spend all of this money at gyms and health spas to look good, stay healthy and will die anyway. For the Bible says none of us are here to stay. From dust you came and dust you shall return.

    • Tango Unchained Melody

      Let me guess, recovering alcoholic?

  • man of God

    No sir retired police officer, now a minister, and a funeral director

  • chris

    As a paramedic, all I can say is….job security!

  • JB

    Lmao, she sinks in the sand!!!

  • Writergal

    @twitter-182400171:disqus how ignorant can you be (no answer required, your post makes it quite obvious). How does this women’s health effect your pockets? She’s married and from the looks of things (although looks can be deceiving) she doesn’t appear to be in want. You’re way to judgmental for no reason. Listen, I don’t promote this type of unhealthy glorification of an individual who doesn’t care about her health, but if it’s her decision and I don’t have to suffer the consequences, hey ‘do you’. But don’t be ignorant your whole life – assuming that she is pilfering from the system just because she’s large. Get a grip.

  • Deez Nutz

    Her thighs look like a couple of pigs in a sack fighting.

  • Behemoth

  • yuck

    no shes fat ugly disgusting just no, that is not big hips just fat lose 300 lbs she can not say men like an hourglass figure she doesn’t have a shape but most of you will screw anything f**kng disgusting

    • OddFuture

      you should delete this f**kin post

  • Tonya

    If she wants to kill herself then do it. I just don’t feel like hearing the whining about health issues later down the road. Also I don’t want to hear whinning about how “why men like healthy women”. Wanna be fat? Accept the consequences!