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Bunny Wailer Threatening To Sue Snoop Lion For Being A Fraudulent Rasta


This is not irie. Snoop Lion is being threatened with a lawsuit by Bunny Wailer. The Reggae legend is accusing the Long Beach rapper recently turned Rasta of perpetrating a fraud to sell records and a movie. 

Last summer, Snoop Dogg announced he was now going by the Snoop Lion moniker after a long trip to Jamaica led him to an artistic epiphany. His next album, titled Reincarnated (accompanied by movie of the same title documenting his spiritual and musical journey), would be a Reggae project produced by Major Lazer. However, now Wailer believes that Snoop’s rapper turned Rasta shtick was just a ruse.

TMZ reports:

Bunny Wailer — an original member of Bob Marley and the Wailers — tells TMZ he’s heated about the docu-film “Reincarnated” … which documented Snoop’s immersion in the Rasta culture as he recorded his first reggae album in Jamaica last year.

Wailer claims Snoop has engaged in “outright fraudulent use of Rastafari Community’s personalities and symbolism” — and has failed to meet “contractual, moral and verbal commitments.”

Wailer isn’t the only one feeling a ways. The Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council sent Snoop a seven page letter demanding that the rapper stop using the “Snoop Lion” name, make an apology, and of course, fork over some cash that he allegedly promised. TMZ reports that a portion of the letter reads, “smoking weed and loving Bob Marley and reggae music is not what defines the Rastafari Indigenous Culture!”

If Snoop… If the artist born Calvin Broadus doesn’t adhere to these requests, he will be sued.

The “Deep Cover” rapper has yet to comment on this matter.

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  • lol tell BUNNY fi guh sidung….dis bigga dan him…u hav to luv it ..BUNNY BEEN BUNNT..HILARIOUS…

  • viktor video-guy

    they just want money

  • Good luck with that. This would be like the bloods suing Ice Cube for not really being gangsta. How many “Christian” performers would go down for this same reason?

    You can’t copywrite culture.

    • Agreed! Thats what I’m saying, its a whole slew of rastas that frauds if thats the case!

  • Life

    Snoop is no rastaman,Bunny is totally right,jah know!

  • Galactus

    Bunny Is not suing. The Rastafari Millennium Council is!!!! Did ya’ll even read the story before posting this BS???

  • Danny J.

    A lot of people love Reggie but don’t change their name because of it.

  • Babylondoncorleone

    Hey Rasta sueing folks, what about babylon?