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Chief Keef & His Mother Flash Gang Signs On Instagram [PHOTOS]


Chief Keef is back in the news yet again. An Instagram photo featuring Keef, his mother and cousin Fredo Santana flashing gang signs has started going viral. 

The photo, taken late last year, features the Chicago rapper and family members all flashing the “O Block” sign, an offshoot faction of the violent Black Disciples street gang.  This latest bit of controversy adds to a growing list of instances involving the 17-year-old Windy City native, including the shooting death of a stepbrother and the “I Don’t Like” rapper’s current 2-month stint in juvenile detention sentence for parole violation.

Not much is known about Chief Keef’s mother, save for a few scattered photos on the Web. It is known that the artist is not close to his father, Alfosno Cozart; this according to a report from DNAinfo.com Chicago after Keef’s stepbrother Ulysses “Chris” Gissendanner III was slain.

Keef’s long-rumored gang affiliations have been fodder for the media ever since the unsolved killing of rival rapper and alleged gang member Joseph “Lil JoJo” Coleman launched a police investigation.

With recent reports of a $6 million Interscope record deal on the line and a child support lawsuit from a middle school girl, Chief Keef’s management team has more damage control to undertake after this latest snafu since parole boards don’t take kindly to parolees kicking it with gangs.

Check out the full pic, and others Sosa may want to consider removing, in the gallery.

Photo: Instagram

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  • jfrench

    No one give gangstas more credit and outlet then the media and music you all create these montsers put them on pedestals and wonder why our kids are lost go figure.

    • TrueJew


  • Bug one 90’S till Infinity

    Its all about an image showing how hard you can be, the art form suffers mcs with real skills are what we need bring back that real boom bap not this popcorn music.

  • jasmine

    sad this guy mama promote this

  • DeeSway

    He stupid Signed 6million interscope watch them Feds have him off or his gang a kill him first cut em in or see how he Dont like then.

  • Ramses

    old fool made a new fool

  • R3last

    Another “paper gangster,” bangin’ hard on…instagram, where the real g’s Hang. Stop giving these losers attention and they’ll go away, he’s got no lyrical talent but is in the news more than real mc’s.

  • how they sittin on granite countertops flashing gang signs..u out the hood move accordingly

  • Kevin

    Bottom line….be deserves to lose any blessings he is given……

    • TrueJew

      He is receiving the blessings of this world, and rightfully so.

  • his mom is on ly 31!!

  • whatever

    More ignorant clowns giving millions by these jew record companies to promote more violence to our young black men….SMMFH!!!!!!

    • TrueJew

      These fools are Jewish, not Jews. Learn the difference.

    • Bryan White

      Actually it’s the Italians that run Interscope, cheif Keefs label. Jimmy Iovine is the opposite of Jewish.

  • if he was white you would

    yall know hes autistic right?

  • Your Mother

    which one is the mother?

    • ?

      the one in the middle

  • WordOfTruth

    He’s gonna end up murdered or in prison for attempted murder. Watch.