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LeBron James Is Underpaid By $10 Million Per Year According To Study


Remember in Jay-Z’sBlow The Whistle” freestyle when he said that “if anything, they underpaid him” referring to LeBron James? Turns out that Hov was right. 

According to a report from NPR.com, LeBron James should be making close to $40 million a year as apposed to his $17.5 million he’s making this year. In the realistic NBA world of salary caps, of course this would be an impossibility. Hypothetically speaking however, if the NBA did pay it’s players on accurate performance based statistics, King James is still grossly underpaid withing the league’s cap restrictions.

“He’s getting hosed,” says Kevin Grier, an economist from the University of Oklahoma who conducted the report with NPR.

A chart was created to show  how much each player would make if the same payroll for the Miami Heat ($83.4 million) was distributed based on performance. In this system, James is underpaid by $9.8 million. Ray Allen’s $3.1 million salary is also well-below his performance on the court. At the flipside, Dwyane Wade would be the most overpaid player on the team, making close to $3.4 million more than he is worth.

Blow the whistle.

[Spotted at NPR, Business Insider]

Photo: Business Insider, AP


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