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10 Rapper Excuses As To Why Their Albums Flopped Like Vlade Divac (And Their True Meanings)


“The label under shipped my album…” (The label knew they f#cked up by signing me when they heard that steamy turd of an album I put together. So, in order to minimize their losses, they shipped a proportionate amount of copies knowing no one was going to spend their hard earned dollars on this bullshat.)

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  • Michiko

    This was funny.

  • BSL

    ummmm ….why didnt u all put the Rapper’s name with the quote????!!???…smh…I stopped reading after #2

  • igot5onit

    Lol what happen to “It’s not about the sells…I just want to make music” or “”I make music for my fans not everybody else”

  • Legendary Trolly

    The nas one wasnt fair! Nas did the HHID album, coming off Street’s Disciple, which went platinum, if my understanding is correct! Nas did that album for shock value, not because he was complaining about his sells.

    • srsly

      they weren’t saying nas undersold, they were just saying “hip hop is dead” is an excuse people use

  • iHeartMarijuana

    Some are true, some are excuses. Lame list.

  • Unabomber

    These quotes could come from any artist in the music biz today, not just rappers. They aren’t the only ones flopping

  • Deathtoorphilitac

    Stopped after 2, unintelligent, uninspired, prolly things Soulja Boy has best album of all time. Smh

  • DR

    You dissed Nas’ “Hip Hop Is Dead” CD? So what Nas says is really true if you think that album flopped. Stop listening to J. Cole, 2 Chains & Chef Keef and listen to some real Hip Hop music please before you write an article like this.