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Texas Inmate To Become 1st U.S. Woman Executed In Nearly Three Years [PHOTOS]


A Texas inmate is set to become the first woman executed in the U.S. since 2010. Kimberly McCarthy will become the 13th woman in the U.S. to be put to death and the fourth in the state of Texas since 1976. She will die  tonight, via lethal injection.
McCarthy was sentenced to death in 1997 for robbing, beating, and fatally stabbing her 71-year-old neighbor, Dorothy Booth. A retired psychology professor, Booth agreed to give McCarthy a cup of sugar when she was attacked with a butcher knife. The attack took place in the town of Lancaster, 15 miles south of Dallas.

Prosecutors say McCarthy forced Booth’s had onto a chopping block to cut off her finger and steal her wedding ring. The now 51-year-old once worked as a nursing home therapist, and was addicted to crack. “I remember the pain and agony that poor woman lives through before McCarthy delivered the final stab wounds,” said former Dallas County assistant district attorney, Greg Davis.

After the murder, McCarthy stole Booth’s Mercedes, drove it to Dallas, and pawned the ring for $200 to buy drugs.

Booth’s death is one of three which McCarthy has been linked to. DNA evidence has tied her the 1998 death of 81-year-old Maggie Harding, stabbed and beaten with a meat tenderizer, and 85-year-old Jettie Lucas, who was stabbed and beaten with both sides of a claw hammer.

Her execution comes after the Supreme Court refused to review her case earlier in the month, and the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles denied a request for clemency.

According to lawyers for McCarthy, there was a racial aspect in the case since she is Black and all but one of 12 jurors were white. Her legal counsel reached out to Texas Gov. Rick Perry yesterday in hopes of being granted a 30-day reprieve.

Lead attorney for McCarthy, Doug Parks believes that her drug addiction is what led to the slaying. “I think when she’s off dope she’s probably a pretty great person,” he said. “I believe now, as I did then, that in the penitentiary, Kim would be absolutely no danger to anyone.”

McCarthy is the ex-wife of Aaron Michaels, founder of the New Black Panther Party. The couple separated before Booth’s murder, but he testified on McCarthy’s behalf during her trial. She is one of 10 women on death row in the state of Texas.

Click below to see a list of other women executed in the U.S. since 1976.

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  • Alex H

    Have a nice trip and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • In life women want to be treated the same as a man. This is one of the drawbacks!

  • thorex

    Burn in hell

  • ritz

    Equal rights for all

  • Yes there is a racial aspect to the case but it has nothing to do with the defendant being discriminated against. I wonder why the case was not prosecuted as a hate crime since she is black and all three vitims were white. I suppose they didn’t think it prudent to prosecute the other two murders. What would they have done had the races of defendant and victims been reversed? We know the answer to that.

    • In other words some people can only see their own side to things, and of course forget the other guy they do not matter or you could say narcissist. I agree with you totally.

      • Tell it to the 71 year old she killed. Bet she would say it’s just race card playing too eh?

      • lauratanor

        Nobody knows what you’re saying, crazy.

    • ” I wonder why the case was not prosecuted as a hate crime since she is black and all three vitims [sic] were white.”

      There are trial double standards in play when it comes to race and gender.

    • One truth of life: It always has a shitty ending.

  • Mike

    Boo freaking hoo…any color jury would find this excrement guilty. Always playing the race card. Guilty is guilty. Let a Black nurse stick the needle in her arm. That should even the race issue.

    • Contessa Sells

      Why Don’t You Do It? You Seem A Bit Slow!

      • AnnMarie Semmig

        No more stays…fry this b!tch

  • Equalizer76

    Was the victims black? I think any racial issue played its part when she murdered the WHITE people to get what she wanted. I notice nothing said about the color of the people she murdered. If it was a white woman killing a black woman the news would make a big issue of it,,,,,racial injustice…but against who??

    • Contessa Sells

      That’s Some B.s.

    • Anthony James

      You may not be racist, but your predjudice is showing. The media cares nothing about white, black, brown or yellow – the only things they care about are GREEN.

      • Anthony: The liberal media only cares about justice if blacks scream injustice. It’s sort of funny though. Only 13% of Americans are black, yet blacks are responsible for 75% of ALL violent crime. Those are DOJ statistics. If in doubt, look it up.
        Stop drinking the Kool Aid.

      • Shawn White

        Blacks are incarcerated for most violent crimes. That doesn’t mean they commit most violent crimes.

  • Saint Michael

    Good riddance to a POS who society is better off without.

  • Donald Hensley

    The article didn’t give the color of the women she murdered, but it would be safe to say they were white. She should be put to death tonight. Chop off her fingers and beat her to death with a claw hammer.

    • ruffintemp

      2 white, one black.

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    Fry dat spook! Good riddance to this murdering scum!
    Thus be it ever for ALL homicidal jangaboos!

    • are you a negromaniac

      • Mobetta Jenkem


      • Contessa Sells


    • mark

      ur stupid misspelling racist nut..What does her race have to do with the crime..I mean damn do we care that the movie killing nut in colorado is white or that he took lives..He took lives you sick bastard..Get an education and take off ur dirty sheets and put them back on ur bed in the double wide trailer NUT!!!

      • Really ? We live with a 13% black population, yet BLACKS are responsible for 75% of all violent crime. Mark, call those DOJ statistics RACIST, you dolt.

  • Time for that sow to ride the dirty needle to that big watermelon patch in the sky!

  • Shaqueefka

    AWWWW Lawdy!

  • dano

    Always the black people playing the race card!!!!!!!! What other ethnic group does that? It is what it is! She killed people and she should die no matter the color of anyone!!!!!

    • Watch the news, dude. Other groups do it, too.

    • Contessa Sells

      Black People….We Are All Children Of GOd

    • Ms Brooklyn

      Black Woman here and I agree. She killed innocent people, race has nothing to do with it. She is getting what she deserved on Crack or not

  • laytoyasmayona

    That is why I have a sign on my door that says “no coloreds”

  • “Prosecutors say McCarthy forced Booth’s had onto a chopping block”

    What, exactly, is a “had”?

    You would think that with all of its resources that CNN could afford proofreaders.

    • Thomas O’Neill

      A had is a hand that used to have a ring on it.

  • “According to lawyers for McCarthy, there was a racial aspect in the case since she is Black and all but one of 12 jurors were white”

    Who the f*ck cares? Justice towards psychopaths and sociopaths must be color blind.

  • Mobetta Jenkem said “Fry dat spook! Good riddance to this murdering scum! Thus be it ever for ALL homicidal jangaboos!”

    CNN allowed this comment but “moderated out” my comment contesting it.


  • rtauzin

    I wish her neck would get extended a little. Seems injection an easy death for such a monster. I need to chill on the vengeance huh. I guess that’s why i’m against the death penalty. Cuz i love it so.

  • america 1st

    That feces colored groid is getting what it deserves

  • america 1st

    Oak trees are cheaper than injections

  • Albert8184

    I wonder how loudly they protested the jury BEFORE the trial. Probably not too much. That way they could use it as a ploy to appeal and win sympathy.

  • Mel

    Her lawyer(s) had just as much input into picking the jury as did the prosecution. I believe alot of times the defense intentionally puts more whites then blacks when the defendant is black especially when it is obvious they are going to lose the case from the beginning just so they can play the race card on appeal. They say God knows no color and I say Justice shouldn’t either.


  • tony

    I think you kill someone you need to die the same way

  • mike

    thats what dope will do to ppl.!

  • Don

    This is why drugs should be legal. At least 3 people are dead because this woman addict needed a lot of money to buy crack. If drugs were legal they would be cheap. This addict could have got enough crack to kill herself without taking 3 innocent people with her. Our drug laws hurt innocent people. I would rather step over a dead addict on the sidewalk than have me or someone I love carjacked or robbed to feed an addicts expensive habit.

    • It is not the price of drugs’ fault. It is HER fault. She is the murderer! God, we just will not take responsibility for our crimes in this society!!!!

  • The race card works both ways. Black jurors are famous for jury nullification. No matter how the evidence proves guilt, blacks will vote innocent because of race, just as they did in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. It happens often, but the media barely reports on it for fear of being called “racist.” That’s the worst that could happen to a liberal media member.

  • Wrong is wrong these victims was not bothering that killer….she get what she got coming to her…..