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Is Season 4 Of The Boondocks Finally About To Arrive?


Adult Swim’s animated series The Boondocks has been on a “hiatus” since the summer 2010. In May 2012, a post on the show’s official website revealed that a season 4 was on the way, but no news about an actual start date followed. Now, a post on the show’s official Facebook page will get your hopes up. 

The message, initially posted about 12 hours ago, says there will be big announcement in a day or so.


We know it’s been quiet around here for awhile. That’s all about to change. Stay tuned for a huge BOONDOCKS announcement tomorrow.

– The Management

Initially season 3 was billed as the show’s last. But the high ratings and the series’ continued cultural popularity clearly shelved those plans. With the immense amount of ratchetness that has happened since the last episode aired way back on August 15, 2010 (Love & Hip-Hop, Chief Keef and Rick Ross’ recent drive-by shooting incident, for example), Aaron McGruder and company have plenty of material to mine for the antics of Huey and Riley Freeman and the assorted host of bugged out characters including “Grandad” Freeman, Uncle Ruckus and Thugnificent.

The debut episode of season 4 is tentatively called “Huey’s Redemption.” According to John Witherspoon, the voice of “Grandad,” instead of the usual 15 episode run, the new season will have 20 episodes.

Can’t. Wait.

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  • MM82

    Finally, can’t wait.

  • I would love for them to do a parody of the shootings recently, I would like for them to make an example out of if the shooter was black, the reaction would of been racial in this whole country

    • israelU

      boondocks usually makes a parody about people like you who think they’re special for being black

  • That isn’t the official facebook page, don’t donate to anything they want you to.

  • Barry Barber

    IN the words of Bart Scott “Can’t Wait”

  • Kutta_MoFo

    (***Kicking my feet***)

    Can’t fvcking wait!!

  • Ashley

    i cant wait to see season four