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Chicago Teen Who Performed At Obama Presidential Inaugration Murdered [PHOTOS]


Just one week after performing during President Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington, DC with her high school band and drill team, a 15-year-old student was shot and killed on the South Side of Chicago. 

The Chicago Tribune reports that shortly after completing exams, Hadiya Pendleton and fellow students from King College Prep High walked to a nearby park. The shooting attack occurred around 2:20 p.m., wounding Pendleton and an unnamed 16-year-old boy. The teens were separately rushed to Comer’s Children’s Hospital and initially their conditions were said to have stabilized around 3 p.m. The boy, which students say attended King College Prep, is currently listed in serious condition.

Further reports from authorities say that Pendleton was among 12 teenagers who took shelter in the park from heavy rain when an unknown assailant leapt a fence and began firing in their direction. The man then fled the scene in a vehicle. Police say Pendleton was most likely not the intended victim. The park, nestled in a low-crime neighborhood, was populated by gang members that day further reported the Tribune. A witness heard gunfire before calling 911, with many in the group fleeing after a reported six shots rang out.

Pendleton was a majorette in the school’s band and also a volleyball player. Beloved by her fellow students, her parents were surrounded by her friends and fellow students in a show of support. “She was awesome,” said one friend. Police have questioned others in the group regarding the case, but so far none are cooperating with the authorities.

Pendleton’s death brings the numbers of homicides for Chicago to 42, making it the deadliest month in 11 years.

Photo: DNAinfo

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    • sober

      You are a disgusting pig. If the Murder of a child does not make you deeply sadened you must be the devil. Violence and murder against women needs to STOP now. I’m sick of the useless devil men who commit crime and do not get punished. I’m sick of the attitudes of evil mens like matt who think this digusting crime is acceptable. I encourage women to take a stand.

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    thi tevinfields

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  • BlackBarbie627

    im so numb.. r.i.p. angel

  • Hunny bunny

    Its a damn shame its the norm for someone in chicago to get murdered or shot everyday..RIP Hadiya Pendleton

  • georgejansen

    Oh how the Klan and Skinhead must love us black folks

    • Bn2d

      The same way the Black Panthers & Louie’s nation of Islam like us white folks!

  • Danny

    Washington is penalizing the law abiding citizen with banning of fire arms, who they should be taken the gun of is the criminals, I am very sure that the gun that was use in this terrible crime was a none registered gun

  • taty

    Wait, in the middle of the story it says the victims’ conditions have stabilized. Why does it say she was murdered in the title?

    • MzLady

      The young boy is stabilized she was killed and he survive as they was running!