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Cruel Winter: Chicago’s Shooting Epidemic Continues With 43 Homicides In January 2013 [PHOTOS]




Week 3 : Jan.17-23

The third week of 2013 saw the murders of five people, The youngest of which was a toddler. Police found 19-year-old Jovantay Alexander dead lying on his back, near two brick buildings. His body was uncovered in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. Residents in the area did not know Alexander, who died from a shot to the head. He had no gang ties.

Below are the victims’ names:

Jorge Valdez-Benitez, 18, gunshot, 1-17-13
Marshall Fields-Hall, 21, gunshot, 1-18-13
Jovantay Alexander, 19, gunshot,1-18-13
Layla Stewart, 2, child abuse, 1-20-13
Elton Johnson, 35, gunshot, 1-23-13


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  • WM

    This is extremely sad.. I live in a big city (10M+) and it’s a shock if we exceed 70 murders a YEAR. Last summer we had what we called the season of the gun because 32 people were shot in 22 days and THAT statistic caused a massive inquiry into our city’s police department…. Chicago needs to get it together…

  • Ralfine

    For comparison: Hong Kong has 7 million people and a very high population density. 2012 there have been 27 homicides in the whole year.

  • Thismy$2

    Obviously the CPD needs help call in the national guard and do the stop and frisk like NY for 6 months. The gang bangers don’t leave their guns at home so if you stop them that’s another gun off the street and reduction in crime.Build the jails and they will come!!!

    • chiboi773

      Chicago seizes more guns than nyc.. we been had stop and frisk they just dont call it that